Komarovsky answered the stupidest and funniest questions about coronavirus

Komarovsky answered the stupidest and funniest questions about coronavirusThe famous children’s pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky voiced the most ridiculous and stupid questions that he received from subscribers during the pandemic, and gave comprehensive answers to them.

How to deal with high prices for ginger, and can you cope without it?

“You don’t need ginger for any money right now.

How long does coronavirus live on ginger?

– It depends on the price of ginger (smiles).

Is it true that alcohol hardens the body? What are the statistics on drug addicts and alcoholics?

– I have not seen official statistics. Drug addicts and alcoholics, as a rule, are self-isolating and so. They have a limited circle of acquaintances, and as a result, the chances of contracting coronavirus are not very high.

Singing develops and strengthens our lungs, as well as sports activities, in particular running. Will this help singers and athletes not get sick, or will it be easier to transfer the disease?

– Singing does not protect against viruses. But the neighbors may not like it. If you want to sing, sing, but be careful not to disturb the people around you.

Do cockroaches carry the coronavirus?

– In theory, this is possible if a cockroach runs over the spitting saliva, for example. But in practice, it is much more likely to get infected from a neighbor.

Do pigeons transmit the virus?

– If a patient with coronavirus spat on a piece of bread. Who is to blame? Of course, a dove.

Can you get coronavirus through headphones?

– No, ears are not the environment in which Covid 19 penetrates. However, this does not mean that you need to go into your ears with dirty hands.

You said that the virus does not live on soap. Does it make sense to soap your hands before leaving the house?

– The main thing is to let the soap dry …

Can I get infected through a toothbrush?

– If you live nearby, you can get infected through anything other than a brush.

What is better to take from the virus: wine or brandy?

– I recommend taking wine not against the virus, but instead of antiviral drugs, if suddenly you healthy wanted to drink them for prevention. If you want cognac – to your health.

And here is a list of the funniest questions about the coronavirus that Dr.Komarovsky received:

• Jokes in the studio! Let’s laugh before we die …
• Does the virus sleep at night?
• Can the video be shorter?
• If you sneeze on the elbow, then is there any point in opening doors for them?
• How to calm down if ginger is 700 UAH?
• Do alcohol and drugs “harden” the body?
• Is singing good for bed rest?
• Is it possible to build roads in Ukraine?
• Can salted herring infect with coronavirus?
• Can you get the virus through your ears?
• How much sleep do you need during the day?
• Is dried fish dangerous as a source of the virus?
• Is it possible to graze cows in the village?
• How to deal with a lack of communication and body contact?
• Will the plasma from the patient be vaccinated?
• If I eat coronavirus will I get sick?
• Already on the brink after arguing with adherents of conspiracy theory … What to do?
• Wine makes me sick. Maybe cognac is better?
• Are you sick of watching TV?
• Can only fingers stick into the oximeter?
• Do cockroaches transmit the virus?
• Will we hit the coronavirus with hemoglobin?
• Maybe, before going out into the street, soap yourself?
• Can I wash myself with coronavirus?
• How long does coronavirus live on ginger?
• Will the virus get over from someone else’s toothbrush to yours?
• Should soda be eaten with spoons or dissolved in vodka?
• Is taking vitamin C really useless?
• Can pigeons carry COVID-19?
• Is it true that interferon is produced from laundry soap in the nose?
• Confirm to my wife that lovemaking is very healthy!
• Why are windows closed in all transport?
• Does gasoline kill the virus?
• How to treat the air and the room after calling the doctor?
• Are you still sick of this virus and everything connected with it?
• I bought a triple cologne, and it turned out to be 31% alcohol. What to do?
• Fatty foods – 30 grams of lard or butter will reduce the likelihood of pneumonia?

Friends, what would you ask Dr. Komarovsky?

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