Kremlin diet or Dukan’s diet

The Kremlin diet or the Dukan diet – which one to choose for losing weight? The pros and cons of each of these 2 diets are given by Certified and Nutritionists from COLADY magazine.

Important! COLADY Magazine presents this information for informational purposes only. Consultation with a specialist is recommended.

Anna Savina, nutritionist and specialist in preventive nutrition, talks about the Kremlin and Dukan’s diet

Anna Savina
Anna Savina

First, let’s figure out what kind of diets are they? In fact, they are very similar and evolved from the famous Atkins diet. The principle of these diets is to limit the intake of any carbohydrates. In this case, we are talking not only about simple carbohydrates, such as buns with raisins and cotton candy, but also any cereals, vegetables with a high content of carbohydrates (cucumber, bell peppers) and fruits.

The difference between the Dukan diet and the Kremlin diet is that the Dukan diet allows you to consume up to 20 mg of carbohydrates per day, while the Kremlin diet allows you to consume up to 40 mg. That is, the Kremlin menu diet is just a light version of Ducan.

In general, limiting carbohydrates according to the Atkins method is necessary so that the liver begins to secrete ketone bodies (so that ketosis begins in the body). To do this, Atkins advised to consume about 5-8 mg of carbohydrates per day.

Ketosis is an extremely harmful condition that subsequently leads to heart disease. By the way, Dr. Atkins himself died of a heart attack while walking around the city. But the Kremlin Diet and the Ducan Diet do not cause ketosis due to the fact that carbohydrates in the amount of 20-40 mg still enter the body. Therefore, these diets are less harmful, but I, as a nutritionist, can explain why you should not use them.

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First, none of these weight loss methods can be used in the long term. 20-40 mg of carbohydrates means you cannot eat fruits and vegetables in the right amount, and no grains are expected either. The basis of the diet is fatty meats, eggs, seafood and green leafy vegetables. You can eat a carrot or apple once a day. In this case, you still have to count calories and the amount of carbohydrates, it is worth going over a little and weight loss will not occur.

As soon as you leave this diet plan, your weight will come back. And this is also very harmful. And the main goal of losing weight is to maintain the result for a long time, and preferably forever.

The main value of the Kremlin diet and the Dukan diet is that after about a week of eating in this mode, the appetite completely disappears. However, this does not happen at all because this nutrition is correct. Just because of the very low amount of carbohydrates, there is very little insulin in the blood. Insulin is a hormone that can prevent you from feeling full. Fortunately, there are less barbaric ways to lower insulin levels and restore satiety, but that’s a topic for another article.

Best regards, nutritionist Anna Savina

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