Kurt Cobain’s daughter and guilt for a million dollar fortune

29-year-old Frances Bean Cobain does not need to think about how to make a living, because she is completely provided for thanks to the inheritance of her late father Kurt Cobain, but she has very difficult feelings in relation to her father’s money (which is as much as $ 450 million).

Kurt Cobain's daughter admitted that she feels guilty for the inherited multimillion-dollar fortune of her father
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Frances agreed to appear with host Ru Polav in the next episode of the podcast RuPaul: WhattheTee?, in which the girl honestly talked about her finances, parents, music career and other personal topics.

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“I didn’t make this money”

Father Francis, frontman of the band Nirvana, committed suicide in 1994 when little Frances was just over a year and a half. Now the girl receives 95 thousand dollars a month just from the rights to use her father’s work.

“My attitude to money is completely different because I didn’t earn it,” Frances admitted in a podcast. – And it looks like a giant loan that I will never get rid of. I am afraid of this state, because it looks like money from a person whom I do not remember at all. I call myself a trust fund child. “

She honestly says that she feels guilty about money, because it is not her merit, and she never knew her father.

Frances tried to find herself as an artist and as a model, but as a result, she followed in the footsteps of Kurt Cobain. In 2020 she told the publication E!Newsthat hopes that her father “Would be proud of who I am”

Kurt Cobain's daughter admitted that she feels guilty for the inherited multimillion-dollar fortune of her father
Photo @thespacewitch

So Francis Bean Cobain is also a musician now. Besides, he is a rather rich musician!

Fighting your own demons

Frances frankly says that it was very difficult for her to learn how to manage finances. In addition, the girl (like her parents) also had to deal with harmful addictions, and this, as you can imagine, makes budget planning difficult.

In 2016, Frances announced that she was “completely clean” and since then she has been in control of her lifestyle and finances:

“In the last few years, I have taken on real responsibility, I study all the nuances and constantly contact the people who are in charge of my money. It also came to me that you don’t need to live luxuriously in order to live fully. In fact, from birth I was given the temptation to live beyond my means and to live in luxury. It took me to move away from this and literally sober up to understand that money is not everything. “

Musical career

Frances also touched on several other topics, including her relationship with her mother and her approach to her own musical career.

“She’s a really good person,” Frances said of her mother, the scandalous and flamboyant Courtney Love. “I like the definition of an era of balance, and I hope that we will enter this era of balance with her.”

The main thing for Frances is that, according to her, she has reached a new level of self-love and peace:

“I came to a destination where I really like who I am and I feel that everything is great with me. I think that the ultimate goal of human experience is to reach the point where you can say this to yourself, not narcissistically, but with love. “

Kurt Cobain's daughter admitted that she feels guilty for the inherited multimillion-dollar fortune of her father
Photo @thespacewitch

Now the girl is completely immersed in music, and, of course, people cannot but compare her with her father. She reacts to it like this:

“A lot of fans project their expectations onto me and compare me to Kurt. Honestly, people will always project whatever they want on me, but that doesn’t mean that I have to meet their needs. What kind of music do I play? I will describe it this way: imagine that PJ Harvey and Fiona Apple started a fist fight, Dolly Parton separates them, and against all this background, Jeff Buckley is quietly crying in the corner.

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