Kxng Crooked Net Worth

KXNG Crooked Net Worth

Dominick Antron Wickliffe, better known by his stage name Crooked I or KXNG Crooked is an American rapper from Long Beach, California who is best known for his lyrical talent and social activism that have earned him widespread renown within hip hop culture. Through his musical career and entrepreneurial endeavors he has amassed an estimated net worth of $8 Million dollars.

KXNG Crooked is a beloved figure across the country and enjoys millions of followers. He has won multiple awards and accolades, which has provided great pride. Additionally, he has made significant contributions to society while serving as an inspiration to younger people.

Long Beach-born Wickliffe launched his career by co-founding an independent record company called Muscle Records alongside professional football players from Long Beach. Later he joined Slaughterhouse – a hip hop supergroup featuring Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9″ and Joell Ortiz among others – gaining widespread acclaim with its innovative hip hop sound and social commentary that quickly won him worldwide recognition and an enormous following.

KXNG Crooked experienced financial hardship early on but was determined to realize his goals. By working extremely hard and being persistent with his work ethic, he eventually succeeded in the hip hop industry – becoming CEO of his own record labels and amassing an extensive portfolio of businesses – not to mention playing his music across various countries and receiving many accolades as a result of it all.

Recently, one of the rapper’s major successes has been his collaboration with legendary MC and producer DJ Premier. Their song ‘Bounce’ has already amassed over three million views on YouTube; furthermore, it topped Billboard charts. Additionally, its success has spawned numerous remixes and covers of this tune.

KXNG Crooked has found great success through his business ventures and remains grounded and humble, giving back to his community by funding various projects and supporting less fortunate members of society. Additionally, he stays active online by posting regular updates about his life and work.

Crooked Media is a podcast network that champions progressive causes and addresses the issues most relevant to American voters. Their hosts include experts in politics, government, foreign policy and more – some shows include Pod Save America, Pod Save the World and Crooked with Tommy Vietor.

Sarah is an insider to Washington D.C. who once held an important job with the White House Gifts office for six crucial weeks. Since then, Sarah has written for publications such as the New Yorker, NPR’s Ask Me Another and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency; in Crooked’s What a Day newsletter and loves editing perfection – especially baseball (GO DODGERS!), Crossfit training and craft beer! Sarah hails from Maryland but now calls Los Angeles her home where she enjoys sports (GO DODGERS!) Crossfit workouts and shared values! Sarah loves sharing values that meet each day!

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