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Final of Game of ThronesDid you know that there are only five months left before the start of the new season of the cult Game of Thrones? The first episode will air on HBO on April 14th. While fans are wondering who will take over the “Iron Throne” of Westeros, the writers proudly declare that the ending turned out to be truly “epic”.

What can we expect in the eighth season?

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The fate of Jon Snow

Keith Harington, who played the iconic son of the High Lord, tweeted that the ending for his character would be tragic – but tactfully kept silent about the details.

The creators of the series hinted that in the new season, Jon Snow will meet with his fantastic pet Ghost. The direwolf has not been seen since season six, but critics are confident that he will not leave his master until the very end.

Kit Harington himself, in addition to popularity, won the heart of his colleague Rose Leslie, better known for her role as Ygritte in Game of Thrones. The actor got married to Rose last summer.

The most interesting facts and details of filming the final season of "Game of Thrones"

Command staff changes

It should be noted that the film crew was replenished with two new faces: David Nutter and Miguel Sapochnik. Written by Dave Hill and Brian Cogman.

Fans of the show have complained that there are no women in the cast. But, no matter what the feminists say, most viewers are confident that the new guys will make the final season really unexpected.

Also, two new young actors will join the main group of actors – “a northerner from a prosperous family of warriors” and a boy from a poor family. Critics believe that they will have a leading role in the eighth part.

The Fate of Daenerys Targaryen

The fate of the Mother of Dragons is still unknown, but critics predict her place at the throne. Daenerys Targaryen really has everything for this: a great army, two fantastic creatures and a patron in the person of Jon Snow.

Recall that the performer of the role of Emilia Clarke plans to leave the series. In an interview, she fondly notes that the Game of Thrones family has been with her for ten years.

The Fate of Daenerys Targaryen

Features of episodes

Game of Thrones producer David Benioff commented at South by Southwest last March that he was delighted to have the show wrap up with a full cast.

Benioff also noted that the eighth season will consist of six episodes, each of which will take a minimum of 80 minutes. The result is a 73-hour full telesague film.

Publisher Variety calculated that each part of the cult series will bring the creators $ 15 million.

The fate of the Lanister clan

The fate of Jame Lannister became known after the trial of actor Nikolai Coster-Waldau with his manager. He ended up receiving a million dollars for each piece. And since the eighth season consists entirely of six parts, this can only mean one thing – his hero will live to see the finale.

During this time, Peter Dinklage accidentally blabbed the story further at the Late Show with Stephen Colbert studio. The actor said that his character will not live up to the last episodes, but added that death for him would be a great ending.

Jon Snow, Game of Thrones season 8

What awaits the audience in the final

Most fans are waiting for the ending of the famous telesag.

According to Keith Harington, the eighth season will be the most confusing and unpredictable of all the previous ones. Due to the small number of episodes, the writers spent a fair amount of money on special effects and gadgets.

The actor also added in an interview with The Huffington Post that the shooting of “Game of Thrones” lasted 55 days, and the battle scenes in the pavilion took 5 days. At this time, the film crew carefully monitored so that the paparazzi could not declassify the details of the series.

And according to Sibel Kekilli, who plays Shai, fans can look forward to a happy ending despite the bloody battle.

Viewers will also see a new love line of the characters, which they could not even guess about before.

Game of Thrones finale - watch or not watch

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