Lea Michelle showed a family photo after the birth of her first child

Just a few months ago, the star of the series “Glee” Leah Michele first became a mother and now she is happier than ever. The star shared her feelings and emotions with subscribers, posting a touching family photo on her Instagram.

Nothing but love

“Nothing But Love”, – so signed her picture in the social. Leah Michele’s networks. In the photo, she, along with the baby and her husband Zendi Reich, are walking along the beach, enjoying a sunny day and holding hands. The parents looked absolutely happy and peaceful.

Leah Michelle
Photo @leamichele

Leah gave birth to her first child on August 26 this year. The boy was named Ever Leo. According to insiders, the pregnancy and childbirth went without complications, the young parents and the baby are healthy and happy.

Through hardships to happiness

Despite the fact that the star has already published photos with her son several times, the subscribers still have not seen the boy’s face – the actress carefully hides him, showing the child so that it is his face that cannot be seen in the photo. Perhaps the reason for this secrecy is that the actress had to go through a lot before she became a happy wife and mother. Before marriage, the star met with her colleague on the series Corey Monteith, the couple even planned to get married. However, shortly before the wedding, the actor was found dead. The cause of the tragedy was a drug overdose.

Subsequently, Leah could not come to her senses and recover for a long time. Only in 2017, four years after the death of her lover, the actress began dating businessman Zendi Reich, and in 2019 the couple got married.

Leah Michelle
Photo @leamichele

However, a disappointing diagnosis – polycystic ovary syndrome – became a new test for Michelle, and the star always dreamed of a big family. Fortunately, she managed to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby.

Leah Michelle 3
Photo @leamichele

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