Leather pencil skirt 2020: a photo of stylish images

The status of a long-liver in the fashion world can rightfully be assigned to a leather skirt. Although this stylish thing was on the crest of the fashion wave 2 years ago, in 2019 it has not lost its popularity. Lacquered products were replaced by textured and matte leather models. Well-known image makers are still enthusiastically embodying unique ideas in the images of celebrities.

What to wear with a leather pencil skirt

Fashion experts recommend

Open the top of strong bows with a leather skirt, let us let the American fashion brand Oscar de la Renta. High-rise cuts and glossy finishes look luxurious in a ruby ​​palette.

These samples are best suited:

  • light chiffon blouses in nude shades;
  • massive necklaces with gold plating, which will become the highlight of a business outfit;
  • polka dot tights for a feminine look.

Burgundy leather skirt

But the Italian brand Blumarin has a different vision of such styles. The couturier’s leather skirt was successfully complemented with a translucent T-shirt, decorated with shiny appliqués. This contrast is a new round of the fashion industry. Street style designers are also experimenting with similar things. Only they choose a more daring print, in the form of Mickey Mouse.

Leather skirt with T-shirts

Important! The Spanish fashion designers of the Loewe brand offered fans a fashionable skirt with perforation in garnet color. A tunic with a cut-off waist in a sepia shade, made in an exquisite ornament, makes the image mesmerizing. A funnel collar lends royal charm to the look.

Brown leather skirt

Eminent couturiers consider a leather skirt and a loose-fitting sweater to be another stylish outfit. American designer Sally LaPointe wore a coarse-knit jumper with an asymmetrical hem. The large cuffs on the sleeve ¾ and the edging of the product stood out brightly against the background of the patent leather skirt.

Leather skirt with jumper

Stylish life hacks from real fashionistas

The most successful shades for a black leather skirt are nude ones, one of which is rose ash. Adhering to such a natural palette, a girl can afford to successfully experiment with textures and shapes. So a sweatshirt-style blouse is perfect for a pencil skirt. In another case, you can pick up a top shirt that exposes the belly. A flesh-colored cardigan will become a powerful accent in such a bow.

Stylish life hacks

In addition, socialites strongly recommend wearing a leather skirt in combination with:

  • black turtleneck;
  • a shirt with a Vichy cage print, tied at the navel;

Leather pencil skirt

  • underwear type T-shirt;
  • a blouse with a frill or ascot collar.

Pencil skirt with blouse

Important! Georgie Armani has always said that a cheap pair of shoes is a bad economy. The designer has always considered shoes to be the basis of women’s wardrobe, so special attention is paid to their choice.

A leather skirt and a classic shirt are timeless classics. The blouse can be either white or dark. The upper buttons of the product must be undone to give the image a degree. To emphasize the wasp waist, it is better to choose styles with a belt. Contrasting trim accents with metal accents the silhouette of the girl. Chiffon sleeves rolled up to the elbow will add piquancy to the outfit.

Pencil skirt with blouse1

Such combinations will help the fashionista look sexy. Her self-confidence will depend on this. It is in this role that women attract men like a magnet.

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