Lia Remini admitted that for a while she was not herself

Actress Leah Remini spent several years as a parishioner of the Scientology sect. Now it seems to her that then she was not herself. With fanatical confidence, she recruited new people to the organization. And now he considers it important to tell the truth about such trends.

Remini, 48, says she had to play the role of an ideal, impeccable person in order to persuade people to join the Church of Scientologists.

Leah left the controversial sect in 2013.

– Regardless of what image you imagined, even in the status of my friend, you could not see a person that would be one hundred percent genuine, – recalls the star. “After all, my job was to make everyone seem perfect. All the celebrities who come to Scientologists are completely immersed in their ideas, they are there to the fullest. And sweep aside any other beliefs.

Lia Marie Remini

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Lea Remini with her family
Lea Remini with her family

Leah Remini on the carousel

When Leah told this story to Jada Pinkett-Smith on her Red Table Talk, she was filled with empathy.

“You have to treat people with empathy,” Jada explains. “You have no idea what they’re going through. When Leah told me about her experience, I had a lot more compassion for her. And this once again reminded us that it is necessary to be empathetic, gentle and kind, because we are all devastated.

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