Lil Droptop Net Worth

A comedic rapper from Detroit, Lil Droptop has an estimated net worth of $100 thousand USD. Lil Droptop, who is single, uses the dating app Tinder to meet women. He uses inaccurate information about himself to attract women. While his net worth is hard to determine, he has been linked to several millionaires. He began his career on SoundCloud where he was able gain exposure for his music. He began to make more serious music, including rapping about celebrities.

Although his real name is not known, Lil Droptop is a well-known internet celebrity for exposing the personal details of celebrities through his rap songs. He was born in Sterling Heights (Michigan) and is an American citizen. His net worth and wiki don’t reveal much about Lil Droptop’s personal life. It’s difficult to determine how wealthy or poor he is. He has a large following as a rapper.

Lil Droptop, despite his young age is already proving his worth. Millions of people have listened to his rap songs. He is also an internet comedian, posting snitch videos on his Twitter account. Lil Droptop is worth $1 million. However, his popularity is growing rapidly, with over 2 million views on his snitch videos on the day of their release.

His association with successful artists like Michael Jackson has helped to increase his net worth. His work has been sold over 100,000,000 times and he has received twenty-one Grammy Awards. He also has numerous business ventures, including a partnership with the technology giant Samsung. If you’re wondering how much money he has, we recommend you follow his career in the music industry. This will allow you to easily calculate how much you can make.

The rapper’s look makes him stand out in the crowd. He is wearing a tracksuit and belt that makes him stand out from the crowd. One of his hit songs was “Snitch,” a song about a former friend, Adam22. Droptop shared a few of his personal details with him in the song, which went viral and earned him a contract.

Before breaking into the rap world, Lil Xan was addicted to drugs. In 2014, he tried Xanax but preferred soda. He quit using the drug after several years. Lil Xan credits Playboi Carti with influencing his music. The rapper began dropping music on SoundCloud in 2016, and is one of the few hip hop artists to find success on social media.

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