Lina Dunham about her attitude towards herself, complexes due to being overweight

American actress, writer and director Lina Dunham is known for her feminist and body-positive views. The star opposes any labels and stereotypes about women and often shares her thoughts with the audience.

Recently, the star of the series “Girls” reflected in her Instagram-Account about the attitude towards oneself, complexes and the impact of the pandemic on self-esteem.

Lena Dunham
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“The old feelings of self-loathing are back”

Actress, director, writer and body activist Lina Dunham has always encouraged women to abandon stereotypes and love themselves for who they are. Since childhood, the star herself is distinguished by a plump physique and is far from the classical model parameters, but she does not try to get closer to the ideal. In a recent Instagram post, Lina brought up the topic of the pandemic and old complexes.

“You know, I thought a lot about my stomach in quarantine, especially when I noticed a huge number of articles with headlines like“ How I lost weight ”or“ Diet is everything ”. Are there really more of them, or do I just have more time to notice them? For some reason, the headlines that did not touch me before are now being fired in a new way. “

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The star noted that now, during a pandemic and self-isolation, thanks to the media and partly thanks to the attitudes of the people themselves, many have a conditional list of things to do during the quarantine. And also, many set themselves as a goal to go on a diet, play sports and lose weight during the quarantine period. Lina admitted that similar moods in society made her remember the old complexes.

“When I grew up plump, fat, my body was familiar with the label“ I’m lazy and do little ”. Over the years, it took me through my career, illness, disability, but I began to appreciate it and what it is capable of. But somehow, during the pandemic, my old feelings of self-loathing returned to me. ”

“Should I update my refrigerator with vegetables and show off the before and after photos when I get out of quarantine? And why, after so many years of nurturing self-love, do I still live with the feeling that I have to lose weight? ” The actress asked herself and the audience.

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And also the star asked her subscribers how their self-esteem had changed during the time of self-isolation and what feelings the pandemic brought them. Fans supported Lina and agreed with her judgments.

All life is a struggle

In Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe, Lina Dunham is a little-known person, while overseas she is the idol of many women and is one of the hundred most influential people in the world according to Time (already a considerable achievement!).

From childhood, Lina had to face many trials: the girl was in poor health, and at school she was constantly ridiculed for her appearance. Therefore, Lina preferred to spend all her free time reading books. In her student years, Lina began to run her own YouTube channel and, despite the criticism that fell upon her, decided to fight the stereotypes of society regarding female appearance. And she did it!

Today Lina is a successful actress and director, as well as an influential person who promotes self-love at any weight. The star does not hesitate to post her candid photos on Instagram, in which all the imperfections of the figure are clearly visible, appears at events in outfits that violate all fashionable canons, and also boldly talks about her health problems, in particular about the fight against endometriosis. Her courage inspires many and resonates widely among women.

Actress Lina Dunham on attitude towards herself, complexes due to being overweight and the impact of the pandemic on self-esteem
Photo @lenadunham

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