Liquid Fertilizer System For John Deere Planter

To maximize efficiency, a John Deere planter is equipped with a fully integrated liquid fertilizer system. This system ensures high rates of fertilizer application at planting time, while reducing the number of stops and requiring multiple suppliers. With the addition of a global positioning sensor, it even features row-by-row section control and an as-applied map. And with its easy-to-use control panel, the planter is ready for use.

Designed for maximum efficiency, the ExactRate liquid fertilizer system on a John Deere planter eliminates the need to manually adjust nozzle orifices. The system has a closed-loop system, meaning it will adjust its duty cycle based on feedback from a pressure sensor to keep the rate as precise as possible. The ExactRate ™ solution allows you to choose a fixed orifice and avoid the hassle of custom plumbing and adding on tanks.

This system features the ExactRate(tm) technology, which lets you set the rate accurately while planting. Its unique row-by-row section control and pulse-width-modulation (PWM) technology ensures that the right amount of liquid fertilizer is applied at the right time. The ExactRate is compatible with select John Deere planters with electric drive and up to 10 mph. It is also capable of planting up to 5.9 more acres per hour than the standard model. It can also work in the field.

The ExactRate liquid fertilizer system is factory-installed and allows the operator to precisely control the rate of fertilizer application. The exactRate technology provides row-by-row section control and reduces the amount of chemicals that are applied. With ExactRate, you can plant up to 5.9 acres per hour with the engine at 10 mph. The patented technology also offers in-cab flow detection and documentation.

Using a liquid fertilizer system is an important step in the process of planting. Proper application of fertilizer is crucial to a successful crop. By using an ExactRate, you can accurately control the rate of fertilizer without having to adjust the orifices. This allows you to reduce the amount of chemicals and save money, while still ensuring optimum results. You can also install the exactRate on a select John Deere planter with electric drive.

The ExactRate system is factory-installed and provides row-by-row control of the liquid fertilizer during planting. This system reduces the cost of fertilizer and the amount of chemicals applied. The ExactRate system is compatible with select John Deere planters with electric drive. With the ExactRate, you can plant up to 5.9 acres per hour. It also comes with an app that gives you the ability to adjust the flow of the liquid fertilizer and monitor the rate and accuracy.

The ExactRate system has many advantages. It allows you to control the rate of liquid fertilizer at planting time. The ExactRate solution uses pulse-width-modulation technology to adjust the flow rate. This technology is installed into the John Deere planter with electric drive. It helps minimize soil compaction by placing seed in the most accurate way. The capacity of the tank has been increased by 30%.

The ExactRate system has a built-in orifice and has a strainer. It has a central flowmeter and row-units for precision and control. It is compatible with select John Deere planters with electric drive. With the ExactRate, you can plant up to five more acres per hour. The ExactRate app also lets you monitor the flow rate and volume of the liquid fertilizer.

The ExactRate system is the most advanced on the market. It has a pulse-width-modulation system that changes the duty cycle of the nozzle bodies to control the rate of the fertilizer. With this technology, the system can apply a high-rate liquid fertilizer without compromising on quality. In addition, it’s easy to operate and has many advantages over conventional planters.

Dual-side placement of fertilizer is a popular option for a John Deere planter. With this system, you can apply liquid fertilizer on both sides of the furrow, increasing yields. Unlike conventional methods of side-side application, dual-side-placement of fertilizer is more efficient. Besides, a notch on the G2 disc keeps the disc rolling in the field.

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