List of films about teenagers, love and school

Films about teenage love are always a lot of questions and the search for answers to them, a sea of ​​emotions, a feeling of a complete lack of time. Children live by completely different rules and in a completely different world, sometimes more cruel than that of adults. That is why the gap between parents and teenagers is so great – they lack mutual understanding. Learn to understand your children and be just good friends for them.

Your attention – films that will help you get closer to your children.

You never dreamed

You never dreamedRelease year: 1980th. Russia

Key roles: T. Aksyuta and N. Mikhailovsky

The special magic of our Soviet cinema is the indescribable atmosphere of reality and sincerity of feelings. The main characters are ordinary schoolchildren, madly and touchingly in love with each other.

But, unfortunately, not all adults remember and know what love is.


ScarecrowRelease year: 1983-th. Russia

Key roles: K. Orbakaite, Yu. Nikulin

This adaptation of the famous story of Zheleznikov is remembered by many. Indescribable acting, accurately conveyed emotions and feelings of schoolchildren, childish cruelty – a film that is impossible to tear yourself away from.

Moving and a new school is always stressful for a child. And if you still fail to “fit into the team” – this is a real tragedy. How can a little bright girl not lose herself in this cruel world?

The harsh reality, which, alas, is often the case for children who start their lives from scratch.


2:37Release year: 2006th. Australia

Key roles: T. Palmer and F. Sweet

One of the high school students takes his own life. But who exactly – you will find out only after watching the picture to the end.

There are six of them – six young people who are already tired of life. Everyone has their own reason to hate this world. Each has its own tragic story, its own crippled fate. But only one of them will decide to commit suicide.

Step forward

Step forwardRelease year: 2006th. USA

Key roles: C. Tatum and D. Duan-Tatum

He is a street dancer in constant conflict with society. By chance, he ends up in correctional labor at an art school. There he will have a chance to change his life for the better. Will he take this chance?

The film is a “bouquet” of amazing music, fiery dances, an atmosphere of drama, followed by a holiday.

Never give up – the main idea of ​​the picture, from the first seconds of capturing the viewer.


HomeworkRelease year: 2011th. USA

Key roles: F. Highmore and E. Roberts

A lonely and unsociable teenager-introvert is not interested in anything in life. The permanent state is “all the same”. And for the school, and for teachers, and even for his talent as an artist. Meeting an open and active Sally changes everything for a teenager, shaking up his usual life and instilling love in his heart.

A romantic picture without the usual clichés of this genre – it inspires, makes you think, gives hope.

last song

last songRelease year: 2010th. USA

Key roles: M. Cyrus and L. Hemsworth

Divorce of parents always hurts the psyche of the child. How to live if the world, in which you have always felt good and calm, suddenly shatters into pieces?

Veronica, even 3 years after the divorce of her parents, could not forgive them for the crash of the family boat. How will her forced trip to her father’s summer vacation end?

The drama is as old as the world, but keeps the viewer “by the gills” until the final song. Great acting, beautiful music and emotions over the edge.


WhaleRelease year: 2008th. USA

Key roles: D. McCartney and E. Arnois

She is a tennis player, an excellent student and just a beauty. He is her eccentric and depressed laboratory partner. Cupid’s arrow pierces both of them, and it doesn’t matter if the guy is acting a little weird. What is this terrible secret hiding Keith?

A deep and sensual picture that you will definitely want to revise.

Hurry to love

Hurry to loveRelease year: 2002-th. USA

Key roles: S. West and M. Moore

Not every movie about love penetrates deep into the heart. This picture is full of emotions, tenderness and atmosphere.

Classics of melodrama at its best. A film after which you want to change something in your life.

Perfect voice

Perfect voiceRelease year: 2012th. USA

Key roles: A. Kendrick and S. Astin

A picture that is pleasant not only to watch, but also to listen to.

A wayward and beautiful girl enters college in the “closed” club of a cappella lovers. The main dream is to win the competition. On the way to victory – quarrels and jokes, friendship and love, ups and downs.

An excellent cast, talented songwriting and an incredible lightness that this film leaves in my soul.

Cool musical

Cool musicalRelease year: 2006th. USA

Key roles: Z. Efron and W. Ann Hudgens

Another picture that will appeal to all fans of music films.

There is everything here: incendiary dances, good actors, talented and daring heroes, the intrigues of rivals and, of course, the victory of good over evil.

The perks of Being a Wallflower

The perks of Being a WallflowerRelease year: 2012th. USA

Key roles: L. Lerman and E. Watson

Adaptation of the novel S. Chbosky.

Shy Charlie has a too rich inner world. And all the problems that teenagers can face fall to his lot – from the first love and first sex to alcohol, drugs and fear of loneliness.

A soulful picture, especially useful for vulnerable and sensitive schoolchildren. And, of course, for their parents.

Tear off

Tear offRelease year: 2008th. USA, France

Key roles: E. Roberts and A. Pettifer

A spoiled girl from Los Angeles, after her next antics, is sent by her dad to an English school. Attempts to break free by expulsion for bad behavior have been unsuccessful. Teaming up with new girlfriends, Poppy develops a “cunning plan” …

Not the most original in the plot, but surprisingly bright and interesting comedy with intrigues, love, outfits and other joys of a teenager’s life – for the whole family!

Sydney White

Sydney WhiteRelease year: 2007th. USA

Key roles: A. Bynes and S. Paxton

A light comedy that will not make you think about the great and eternal, but it will allow you to laugh to your heart’s content and return for a short while to the country of childhood.

Good should always win, and all ugly ducks should turn into swans. And nothing else.


SimpletonRelease year: 2015-th. USA

Key roles: M. Whitman and R. Amell

A fun and light comedy 16+. An excellent option to get together with a good company and have a great rest under a love cinematic novel with an interesting cast.

Die John Tucker

Die John TuckerRelease year: 2006th. Canada, USA

Key roles: D. Metcalfe and B. Snow

Revenge on a shameless womanizer is a noble cause. The only thing missing is the 4th girl, who will be entrusted with carrying out this insidious plan.

Charismatic, emotional and lively heroes, in whose game you believe right up to the credits.

What films about teenagers and school did you like?

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