Lloyd Swee Pea Daniels Net Worth

How Much Money Does Lloyd Swee Pea Daniels Net Worth?

Swee’ Pea Daniels was an esteemed shooting guard in New York City during the mid-late 80s but never realized his full potential. Often compared to Karem Abdul-Jabbar, Daniels was considered the finest player from Brooklyn and Queens at his time.

He experienced family tragedy at three, as his mother died, while his father fell into alcoholism, leading him to live his childhood between Queens and Brooklyn – attending five different high schools but only able to read at third grade level – before finally enrolling at UNLV under Jerry Tarkanian and beginning his basketball career.

Though talented and celebrated, he struggled to secure employment and remain sober. He visited Florida rehab centers three times before sleeping in his car on several occasions. In 1989, he was shot multiple times – nearly fatally. Miraculously surviving, he returned to basketball playing professional for five seasons in both the NBA Development League and Italy’s Scavolini Pesaro teams.

Newsday sportswriters John Valenti and Ron Naclerio’s updated edition of a lost classic brings us an intimate account of a high school star turned tragic figure known as “Last Chance Guy.” Through this frank yet poignant narrative we witness how an individual with immense promise becomes mired in tragedy.

“Lloyd had an almost magical touch for the game,” according to one New York recruiting guru who saw him play. He had enough ability to become one of New York’s greatest ever players; as Lloyd himself describes here, though this didn’t occur due to love, faith and his Pippenesque bank shot which instead brought contentment instead.

How much is Lloyd Swee Pea Daniels earning today?

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