Long Bob: Why Everyone Loves This Haircut!

Whether straight, wavy or with bangs: We’ll tell you what makes the long bob special and how to style one of the most popular trend hairstyles 2019!

Hairstyle trends come and go? Luckily not! The long bob will remain with us this year. A number of stars such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Mila Kunis, Olivia Palermo or Jennifer Lawrence have already fallen for the shoulder-grazing look. No wonder, after all, the LoB – the common abbreviation for the half-length trend hairstyle – not only looks great, but is also super easy to style. Thanks to the changeability, there are no limits to the styling possibilities: layers, blunt-cut tips, bangs, beach waves or a sleek look change the medium-length hairstyle in no time at all.

In this hairstyle, the hair is cut to shoulder length – when the ends of the hair brush the shoulders, the length is perfect. The LoB is usually cut a little shorter at the back and the ends are slightly layered to take the weight off the hair. Regular trimming is a must so that the cut looks well-groomed and the tips, which tend to split more easily because they rest on the shoulders, do not suffer too much! Or you decide on a calligraphy cut, where the hair is not cut with my scissors, but with a calligrapher. As a result, the hair is cut off almost without injury and split ends don’t stand a chance.

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Not every haircut suits every type and face shape without compromise. However, the hairstyle suits oval, round, square and heart-shaped faces equally well. However, there are LoB variants that suit the shape of the face better than others: A slightly layered bob works wonders for a heart-shaped face shape – light waves play around the facial features and provide more contours in narrower areas. The unscrambled version is ideal for women with round faces, as the extra length stretches and makes you look slimmer. Women with an oval face shape are lucky that almost any haircut suits them – whether layered, wavy or with bangs – there are no limits. A square face needs a LoB with smooth lines and less sharp cut lines – Beach Waves give the face softer contours.

The long bob creates more volume for women with fine hair – even better: a blunt bob! In this haircut, the ends are cut blunt. We recommend the exact opposite to women with naturally curly hair – to add some volume, the LoB should be well layered.

Or you can opt for a casual Clavi Cut, a long bob with hair that reaches to your collarbone! Experimenters can also try an asymmetrical bob. Or how about a short baby bob?

We love the medium length hairstyle not only because it makes us look younger and slimmer, but because it looks incredibly cool and can be styled easily and in different ways!

Our favorite long bob look are beach waves – they look super casual and natural. And best of all: the curls can easily be styled overnight. Here’s how it works: Work some sea salt spray into towel-dried hair and knead well. Then part in the middle and braid two loose braids. The tighter the braid, the smaller the curls. The next morning, undo your braids and loosen them up with your hands – the casual beach waves are done!

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The elegant variant of the long bob is the Sleek Look: Whether it’s a center parting or a side parting – it’s important with the Sleek-LoB that the hair shines. Be sure to use heat protection before straightening with a paddle brush or straightening iron!

The good thing about the LoB is that the hair is long enough to tie into a ponytail. If it has to be quick, you can tie a casual bun. Braided hairstyles, updos or chignons do not have to be dispensed with either. With beautiful hair accessories such as hair bands, clips or hoops, a long bob looks different every day!

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