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With the onset of cold weather, every girl takes care of the warmth of her hands. A new important attribute appears in the wardrobe – gloves, and more than one pair. About what they are, how to pick them up and what to wear with, we will tell you further.

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What are the types of women’s gloves?

Gloves were worn as early as the 12th century. Moreover, they were a symbol of elegance and aristocracy. Only people from the upper, privileged class could wear them.2_320

And now gloves are an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. It is customary to divide them into several types, basically – gloves are subdivided according to purpose, length or cut, as well as material.

Gloves are of several types for their intended purpose:

As a rule, such gloves are the most common ones without beautiful inserts and lace.

These are matched to the dress. The most common are satin and lace.


Many girls purchase them for fitness or various types of strength training.

Gloves can be open-toed, closed-toed and made of leather or other dense fabric.


And gloves are also divided by cut or length – they are:

  • Classic

Their length is just above the wrist. This is the most common model and can be worn by both women and men.


Below the wrist. They are usually used as a fashion accessory.

They are usually made of fine fabric or leather that elegantly wraps around the arm.


They reach up to the elbow and even higher.


  • Mitts49

Short gloves with open fingers. They protect from the cold, but do not hinder movement.

Mitts with a clip-on mitten are especially popular.

Gloves differ in the material from which they are sewn:

  • Leather or leather substitutes
  • Knitted
  • Textile
  • Rubber

How to determine the size of women’s gloves – table of sizes of women’s gloves

Of the whole variety of models, one cannot single out any one glove that would be better, more comfortable, more beautiful. Everyone will pick them up to their liking.

But there is only one problem – how to determine the size of the gloves. Of course, if you purchase an item in a mall or store, then you have the opportunity to try it on. But if you saw a miracle you liked in an online store, then what should you do?

Here are some simple tips on how to determine your glove size:

  • First, take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your hand at the base of your thumb, almost in the middle of your palm. It is worth considering that the tape should not squeeze the brush, but at the same time it will fit snugly against the skin.
  • The brush must be slightly bent when measuring.
  • The result should be rounded to the nearest whole value, in centimeters.
  • Convert centimeters to inches. To do this, divide the resulting value by 2.71 and round up to 0.5. This will most accurately determine your US size – xs, s, m, l, or xl.


You can skip translating the result in inches and use the glove size table:

When ordering gloves on the Internet, many manufacturers also offer customers to measure the length of the palm, from the beginning of the hand to the end of the pad of the middle finger, and the girth of the hand at the base.

What else is worth paying attention to when choosing gloves:

  • The quality must be the same on both gloves. Seams can be uneven and sloppy. Threads may stick out.
  • When trying on a glove, you should not feel discomfort. It will fit snugly around your palm, but not squeeze. You can try wiggling your fingers.
  • The insulation or inner lining should be evenly distributed throughout the garment, even at the corners of the fingers.
  • You must ask the seller for a receipt, branded packaging, which guarantee good quality.

What to wear with women’s gloves – a combination of all types of women’s gloves with the main style of clothing

So, we figured out what gloves are and how to choose them. And with what to wear these products?
There are many rules for wearing women’s gloves. Chief among them – gloves should match the color of your clothes – go well with a headdress, bag or shoes.

Consider what is the best way to wear different types of gloves:

  • Long gloves are the hit of this fall

A trendy combination of a dress and long leather or suede gloves for a luxurious feminine look. This option is suitable for a gala evening.


Also, long gloves are combined with outerwear, but it is worth considering that jackets and coats have a short and wide sleeve.

You can combine long gloves with fur products – vests, collars, fluffy scarves.

You can add a zest to the image with jewelry. Feel free to wear large rings, bracelets or watches on your gloves.

  • Mitts love to use young girls in their wardrobe

This original type of gloves is combined with short sleeves. They should be worn so that they do not come into contact with the sleeve.

Knitted mitts can be combined with a knitted hat or scarf. They will complement the look.

They also go well with tops and T-shirts.

A good combination with a tunic. Long and short mitts perfectly complement an evening or cocktail dress.

  • Classic gloves can be combined with any clothing

Leather gloves will look very nice with woolen or cashmere coats. Also leather gloves are perfect for fur or textile clothes.

  • It is better to choose knitted gloves one-color or two-color

They go well with a jacket, blazer or knitted sweater.

  • Textile classic gloves – a versatile accessory that matches any look

Usually it is worn in the demi-season.

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