Looking for a job for a woman over 50 – the rules for successful employment after 50 years

How to find a job for a woman over 50?It is believed that finding a job for a woman over 50 is sheer nonsense and “not a problem at all.” Although, as practice shows, employers do not particularly welcome women “for …” in their usually young teams.

Is it so? What are the undeniable advantages of “written off” employees in comparison with young people?

And where, in fact, to look for this job?

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Before looking for a job for a woman over 50 – how to prepare?

First of all, don’t panic!

If you fell under the “reduction” – then most likely it happened not because you are a “so-so” specialist, but because the economy in the country is changing for the Nth time, affecting us, mere mortals.

We categorically do not give up and get ready for a new rich life. 50 years is not a reason to give up on everyone and retire to the dacha to knit socks.

May be, the fun is just beginning!

  • Remember – what skills do you have?what you do best, and where your talents can be useful.
  • Pick up your connections. For 50 years, you have probably acquired friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances, etc., working in those industries, among which, perhaps, there are areas of interest to you.
  • Work on your appearance. Consider the moment that not only skills must be “updated” in step with the times, but also appearance.
  • Be patient. Get ready for the fact that the doors of employers will not swing open to meet you – you will have to make an effort.
  • Self-confidence is one of your trump cards. No need to be ashamed of self-promotion. The employer needs to be convinced that he will benefit from hiring such an experienced employee. But do not flirt – insolence is not in your favor.
  • You must be familiar with your PC. You may not be a computer genius, but you must be a confident user. At a minimum, you should be comfortable with Word and Excel. Computer literacy courses will not hurt.
  • Do not consider yourself a “weak link”, 50 years is not a sentence! Take pride in your experience, your knowledge, wisdom, and maturity. If an employee is valuable, then no one will pay attention to his years.
  • Do not stop if you are refused one, three, five or even more times. He who seeks will surely find. Consider all possibilities, do not concentrate on one search path.
  • Study carefully the company in which you are going to apply. There are many opportunities for collecting information today. Analyze the process of development of the industry and other moments that have an impact on the work of the company. This information will help you quickly navigate the right answers to employer’s interview questions.
  • Don’t underestimate your requirements in advance! There is no need to “fold your legs” and obediently go to any job, just “not to be a dependent”. Look for exactly your job! One that you will be comfortable visiting every day.

It will be useful to know that the most “popular” reason for not getting a job at a given age is psychological… It is the feeling of being unclaimed and unnecessary that sets a kind of barrier between work and a potential employee at an age.

How to find a job for a woman over 50?

What to write and what not to write on a resume for a woman over 50 to be guaranteed to find a job?

Considering that the potential employer does not know anything about you yet, the most important thing is to write your resume correctly.

What to consider?

  • You don’t need to describe all your places of work. The last 2-3 are enough.
  • Divide all your experience into blocks. For example, “teaching”, “public relations”, “management”, etc. The more functional the resume, the more strengths of the employee will be seen by the employer.
  • If you have refresher courses in your life baggage – indicate them… Let the employer see that you are ready to keep up with the times.
  • No false modesty: List all your talents, create an attractive job seeker image.
  • Many advise simply not to write your age. Experts recommend not to hide it categorically. Every recruiter is aware of this trick, and the absence of a date of birth on your resume is actually an admission that you are most concerned about your age.
  • No suspicious gaps in your seniority. Each gap in your “chronological” resume should be explained (note – parenting, forced care of a relative, etc.).
  • Emphasize your ability to learn and quickly adapt to new conditions, technologies and situations.
  • Be sure to indicate that you are fluent in PC and know English (another) language.
  • Mark that you are ready to travel. Mobility is an extremely important criterion when choosing an employee.

Looking for a job for a woman over 50

Benefits of a woman’s age over 50 – what should be noted in interviews when asking about age

Your “three whales for success” in interviews are tact, style and, of course, self-confidence

In addition, the following points should be kept in mind:

  • Business style. Exactly this way and nothing else. Choose discreet colors of the suit, leave unnecessary jewelry at home, do not get carried away with perfume. You must come across as a successful, confident and stylish woman.
  • We are not trying to evoke pity! No need to talk about how hard it is for you, how difficult it is to find a job at your age, how often you are refused, and you have grandchildren who need to be fed, 3 dogs and the repair is not completed. The nose is higher, the shoulders are straightened and confidently show that you will do an excellent job, and no one will do it better than you. The winning mood is your strong point.
  • Show that you are young at heart and modern… The employer does not need a sluggish employee who gets tired quickly, always lectures to young colleagues, constantly sits down to drink tea, “wears” circles under his eyes and drinks pressure pills. You must be active, “young”, optimistic and lighthearted.

The employer must understand and learn that you are a more valuable employeethan any of the young.


  • Experience. You have it solid and versatile.
  • Stability. An older employee will not jump from one company to another.
  • Lack of small children, which means 100% commitment to work without constant requests for sick leave and “understanding the situation.”
  • Stress resistance. A 50-year-old employee will always be more self-possessed and balanced than a 25-year-old employee.
  • Youth training opportunities and passing on to them our invaluable experience.
  • Ability to create a positive climate in the team, “Balance” the working atmosphere.
  • The psychology of “age sales”… There is more trust in a respectable adult than in a young and inexperienced person. This means more customers and higher income for the company.
  • Higher responsibility. If a young employee can forget, miss, ignore for the sake of his own interests, etc., then an older employee is as attentive and extremely careful as possible.
  • Work (professional and personal growth) comes to the fore. While young people always have an excuse – I still have everything ahead, if anything – I will find another. ” An older employee will not be able to easily quit his job, because finding it again quickly and easily will not work.
  • Literacy. This advantage can be noted both in relation to the case in which the employee is engaged, and in terms of speech, and in terms of spelling.
  • Wide range of connections, useful acquaintances, contacts.
  • Ability to persuade… Both partners and clients listen to employees over 50+.

Where to look for work for a woman over 50

Job search routes for a woman after 50 years – where and how to look?

Primarily, decide what exactly you need.

If you need to work for a while, to “interrupt” until a certain moment, then this is one thing. If you need a career, it’s different. If work is needed “no matter what” just near the house and except for weekends – this is the third option.

How to search?

  • Use the internet. Send your resume to all vacancies that you liked. Take a look at the websites of the companies in which you would like to work – maybe there are interesting vacancies there. Go through the online “message boards” of your city. Often an interesting proposal is thrown right there.
  • Interview acquaintances. Surely, you have a lot of them, and they, in turn, have some suggestions.
  • Don’t forget about recruiting agencies!
  • Apply for refresher courses from the labor exchange… They often offer further employment there.
  • Look not only at state, but also at private companies. For example, if you have a medical (pedagogical) education and solid work experience, then you can probably find a job in a private clinic (school / kindergarten).
  • Or maybe think about your own business? Today, there are many ideas for start-ups, even without initial capital.
  • Another option is freelance exchanges. If you are on a short leg with modern technologies, then you can try yourself there too. It is worth noting that many freelancers make great money without leaving their homes.

In short, do not despair! There would be a desire, but there will definitely be opportunities!

Have you had the same tasks in your life? And how did you find the solution? Share your experience in the comments below!

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