Los Dos Carnales Net Worth

Although Los Dos Carnales’ net worth is not known, the YouTube channel has over a million subscribers. The YouTube channel is dedicated to music and has been in operation since 2020. The channel is based in the United States, and stars Pedro Fernandez and Pedro Armendariz Jr., who also star in the film. The channel has over 1.12 million subscribers. So, how much money does Los Dos Carnales make?

With the single “Puro Dos”, the group made their debut in music. They released their self-titled album Te Lo Dije the following year. It featured a collaboration between Luciano Diaz, a legendary Uruguayan songwriter. El Fantasma, an El Salvadoran singer, was also attracted to the album and recorded “El Envidioso”.

Los Dos Carnales has released two EPs in addition to their debut album. The first is a tribute album to El Fantasma, and the group recorded with him on several tracks. In early 2022, they toured Mexico and the Southwestern United States, but stopped touring before the COVID-19 epidemic hit the region. In July, they returned to the studio to record their second full-length album, Al Estilo Rancheron. The band now has a net worth of nearly $4 million. This album reached number 2 on the Mexican Regional Albums Chart.

The band began performing at an early age, and have been self-delivering since their debut studio album, Te Lo Dije. The group’s guitarists Poncho and Imanol Quezada were childhood friends who started playing together. The band does not have a Wikipedia page. However, there are several memoirs on the site. The net worth of Los Dos Carnales is growing as they have embraced the music industry and become popular.

Despite their relatively small net worth, Los Dos Carnales are still a well-known musical act in Latin America. Their music has been critically acclaimed by the critics and has garnered them millions of fans around the world. They are also one of the most popular Latin American bands. They are a Mexican-American band based in San Diego. The members are brothers, Sergio and Jorge Navarro, and cousin Ricardo Ricky Navarro. Los Dos Carnales was formed in 2007 and has released two albums and several EPs. In 2012, Afinarte Music released their latest album, El Borracho.

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