Love Hewitt’s third pregnancy and her family’s secrets

In show business, many couples start relationships right at work, and Jennifer Love Hewitt is no exception. The 42-year-old actress and mother of two, now expecting her third baby, met her husband Brian Hallisay on the set of the not-so-successful Love Bites series, which did not last long on the screen. However, a spark between them broke out later. In 2012, they crossed paths again on the set of Client List and started dating.

In 2013, after a year of relationship, the actress announced that she was engaged to Brian and was expecting her first child:

“We are starting to build a family and we are so excited and happy.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer and Brian
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How was the family built?

Hewitt has always openly declared her desire to become a mother. In 2010, the actress said:

“I would very much like to have children. I’m literally obsessed with them! “

But she not only always wanted to be a mom, but she was also a hopeless romantic.

“I’m one big romantic comedy and I think it’s a great quality. The problem is that romantic comedies aren’t always real. Children are what I will never give up, this is what I really want in my life, but I just started to change my thinking a little, ”Jennifer admitted in 2013.

Jennifer adores her kids and tries not to part with them, so she began to take them with her to the filming of the series “9-1-1”.

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“My daughter thinks work is very cool. She likes the group food van. My son loves to run around the set, for example, go to New York, go up and down the stairs and take pictures in front of the police station, which, in his opinion, is also very cool, “the actress shares her impressions of filming in 9 -1-1 “with the edition Us Weekly

Who is this man who gave the actress the family of her dreams?

Brian Hallisay studied economics and history from Cornell University, New York. He worked for several years in his specialty and only by the age of 27 decided to try his hand at cinema and gained fame mainly as an actor in TV series.

Jennifer reunited with her husband as co-stars again (for the first time since Client List) when Hallisay was filming 9-1-1 season 2 from 2018 to 2019. For the actress, working with her husband was a “wonderful experience,” according to to her words. In 2019 she told the publication Entertainment Tonight Canada:

“Both of us in our careers have never been able to play characters like these strange characters from ‘9-1-1’, especially since Brian played the ex-husband of my heroine. It was really fun for us to work together. “

Jennifer Love Hewitt 3
Photo @jenniferlovehewitt

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