Love stories of Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti, Juliet Masina and Federico Fellini

Sometimes the personal life of celebrities remains behind the scenes. And we, ordinary people, will never learn about all the intricacies of their relationship.

It seems to us that stellar pairs cannot have any difficulties. They have everything! Money, fame, honor. But all these delights of life will never be able to help in solving the internal problems of the union.

The following stories are united by one “script” of life: she is an actress, and he is a director. And sometimes spotlights overshadow what is behind the scene: the inner kitchen of relationships.

First of all, they are people. Grief, betrayal, and disappointment were also present in their lives. But still, these couples managed to amaze the whole world with their love. They proved to everyone that love really exists.

Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti

This lovely couple lived for 54 years. Their story shows the value of the mutual support of two lovers. There were many obstacles on their way. And they went through all the difficulties together, and most importantly, they were happy.

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Their love story began with a beauty contest, where the 38-year-old director immediately noticed the beauty, performing under the pseudonym Lizzaro.

During the casting, the director told the girl: “You have a very interesting face.” Then it might seem that it was a fleeting flirtation. But fortunately, behind him was the beginning of real, strong love.

Colleagues questioned Ponti’s choice. They criticized the girl in every possible way: they advised her to lose a couple of extra pounds or have rhinoplasty.

But Carlo stood his ground and believed in Sophie’s success. And invited her to play in the film “Anna”, which was a joint project with Dino de Laurentiis.

The director thought about the future of the actress, so he picked up a memorable and sonorous name.

Ponti also began teaching the girl:

  • hired etiquette and English teachers,
  • forced to read art books,
  • told and showed what style is,
  • explained the basics of makeup.

To create the “ideal Hollywood actress”, Carlo came up with a new pseudonym for the girl – Sophia Loren.

Dreams of marriage

After receiving the long-awaited role for the actress in “Aide”, Sophie and Carlo began dating in secret. And it is important to note that the director was married at that time. Sophie’s mother was very unhappy with her daughter’s act and tried in every possible way to reason with her.

Her fears were well grounded. Romilda Villani was afraid that Sophie would repeat her fate and give birth out of wedlock.

Lauren herself said:

“All I wanted was a normal family – a legal husband, children, like everyone else. Perhaps because I didn’t have a father. ”

Despite her mother’s inner fears and laments, Sophie believed that someday her dreams would come true.

Fateful choice

On the set of the film “Pride and Passion”, Sophie met Cary Grant. The actor did not hesitate and made Lauren an offer, to which the actress did not agree. At the time of the proposal, Carey did not know about the secret romance of his beloved with Carlo.

But, unfortunately, for Lauren’s shaky mental state, Carey was not going to give up. And fate brought them together again on the set of the film “Houseboat”

On the set, the actress accepted all the advances of Grant: every day she received flowers and very believably played mutual feelings for her admirer.

Without noticing it, Sophie was faced with a choice: to be a mistress with an uncertain future or a legitimate wife, but without love. At that time, Carlo watched Lauren’s behavior and realized that if he did not start acting right now, he would lose her.

Sophie stayed with Ponti, but later admitted that during the internal conflict, she still had to make a choice.

“I did what was right for me personally.”, – said the actress.

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Long-awaited wedding and children

The couple was able to get married only in 1966 in France. Having received local citizenship there. But before that, they already had an attempt to sign in Mexico. However, Italy was not satisfied with the trick with the documents. The Vatican accused Ponti of bigamy, and Lauren of illegal cohabitation.

As difficult as getting married, the couple went on to become parents. After two miscarriages, Sophie still managed to get pregnant. And in 1967, their first son, Carlo, was born. And after 4 years, another one – Edoardo.

Villa confiscation

In 1977, the carabinieri broke into the family’s estate. Carlo was accused of tax evasion. After which their house was confiscated.

As a punishment, due to accusations against her husband, Sophie spent 17 days in prison. In turn, Ponti had to work for several years in community service. The villa itself returned to them in 1990.

“Our love is a gift from God”

There was a lot of gossip around the famous couple. Evil tongues ranked them numerous novels on the side. But all attempts were in vain. The couple never paid attention to this and lived their own lives.

The director laughed it off:

“I cannot say that I am as clean as the first snow. But if I really had all the novels that are attributed to me, I would never have time for films. ”

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Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti have lived together for over half a century. The producer passed away on January 10, 2007, at the age of 94. Sophie’s parting words at her husband’s funeral were:

“Our love is a gift from God, which only a few are rewarded with.”

Juliet Mazina and Federico Fellini

For 50 years and one day, the famous Italian director Federico Fellini and his wife Juliet Mazina created the history of family happiness. Embodying family fantasies, they were one, contemplating in the created world of dreams.

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Acquaintance and marriage

Mazina and Fellini met in 1943. And two weeks after they met, they got married. But the wedding ceremony itself had to be postponed, because Federico by all means avoided military service.

It would be very sad to end the wedding in separation. After all, the groom could be taken to the front directly from the ceremonial hall. And a few months later, the long-awaited marriage ceremony was able to take place.

The dreamers

“It’s easier to live with a genius than an idiot”– said Mazina. Fellini was a great dreamer, he lived in his own fantasy world.

The actress accepted this world, not daring to upset the director’s inner balance. It was Federico, who knew a lot about beauty, who gave his wife a new name – Juliet.

It seemed as if the lovers were putting on a whole show for each other. Not distinguishing fiction from reality. Composer Nino Rota said that during a common lunch, he was able to observe the creation of a new game.

Fellini said: “Do you remember when we were in Australia, Juliet?” And, of course, everyone in the audience took it that the couple had never been to Australia. But Juliet answered him with a smile: “Yes, honey, there are wonderful artichokes.”

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There were movies in their family

A few weeks after the wedding, Mazina fell down the stairs and suffered a miscarriage. In 1945, the couple had a boy, Federico. But after 2 weeks, their child passed away.

And Fellini and Juliet had no more children.

“If a childless couple does not break up, it means that the bond is really strong,” said the director.

Strong union

For Federico, Mazina was everything. Friend, wife, lover, partner, ally. A very down-to-earth woman, Juliet held important meetings to advance her husband’s career.

“A Little Woman with the Eyes of a Lost Puppy” – Fellini spoke about his wife.

Family friends recall that for the director, his wife’s opinion came first. He always consulted with her. I called home during the filming, clarifying the working moments.

After the release of the film “Nights of Cabiria”, Fellini said:

“In essence, I owe her everything. And I will never tire of repeating how kind, patient and valuable she is. What a wonderful natural-born actress, a small woman – of that height. ”

“Stop crying, Juliet!”

Federico’s last award was an Oscar for his contribution to the art of cinema. At the presentation, the director noticed his wife drenched in tears and turned to her across the hall: “Stop crying, Juliet!”

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On October 31, 1993, Federico Fellini passed away. Juliet Mazina followed him, leaving the world on March 23 in 1994. A monument in the form of a ship is being laid over the tombstone of the spouses, on which it is written: “Juliet, now you can cry.”

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