Love story Iman and David Bowie

David Bowie and Iman Abdulmajid were lucky 24 years old. They were together until his death from liver cancer in 2016. The singer was 69. His widow still refuses to believe that her husband is gone. She calls Bowie her true love and is confident that she will never marry again.

The former supermodel was recently interviewed by Harper’s Bazaar and told their romantic story:

“You know, it was my very true love. My daughter once asked me if I would ever marry again, and I firmly said no. “

Iman and David Bowie

Love story

They met at a party in 1990, and for David Bowie it was love at first sight. In 2000, the musician told Hello! Magazine:

“My interest in Iman arose instantly, and this attraction swallowed me up. I could not sleep with excitement in anticipation of our first date. The fact that she would be my wife was already a settled question for me. I haven’t chased anyone with such passion in my entire life. “

Iman behaved more restrained and waited, although she was also very attracted to Bowie. In an interview with The Guardian in 2004, the model admitted:

“I definitely didn’t want to have a relationship with a star of this caliber. But as I’ve always said, I fell in love with David Jones, not David Bowie. Bowie is an image, this is a pseudonym, and David Jones is my favorite person. “

Iman and David Bowie 2

In 1992 Bowie and Iman became husband and wife, and in 2000 they had a daughter, Alexandria “Lexie” Zara Jones.

Iman and David Bowie 3

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Happy memories

65-year-old Iman says that her life with a musical genius was ordinary, not stellar, but she would like to have more time together:

“This is a marriage of two ordinary people. David was a very cheerful, warm person, his image on stage is one thing, but in reality he most of all liked to wear a three-piece suit … We had a beautiful life, we lived in New York, took our daughter away from school, walked a lot … I would like fate to give us more time together. “

Iman and David Bowie 4

Speaking about how she thinks about the anniversary of Bowie’s death, Iman said that it was once “the saddest time” for her. January 10 marks the fifth anniversary of Bowie’s death, but Iman senses that the love of her life is still with her:

“He’s still here, though invisible. He has a lot of fans and his music is still popular. “

Blue bird

Iman and David Bowie 5

The singer realized the seriousness of his illness just three months before his death, but he still started filming a video for his song Lazarus, even when he was told that further treatment was pointless. In fact, this clip became his epitaph to himself.

Iman told a touching story about how she spent the anniversary of her husband’s death in the woods near San Francisco when something supernatural happened:

“I went on a hike through the sequoia forest with a guide, and suddenly a blue bird flew in front of me. Blue bird! The lyrics of the last Lazarus song said, “You know, I’ll be free. Just like that blue bird. ” The guide told me that bluebirds are very rare in these places, and I thought it was a sign from David. Now, instead of being sad, I smile, remembering the free blue bird. “

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