Love story Whoopi Golberg and Ted Danson

Hollywood love stories are varied and unpredictable. Sometimes it takes celebrities several marriages and high-profile romances before they find their true love. As a result, celebrity divorces become either the most public or very “expensive”.

73-year-old actor Ted Danson quite in demand and popular. He has been happily married to actress Mary Steenburgen for the past 26 years, but before Mary his personal life was very turbulent. Danson was once married to another woman for 16 years, with whom he cheated on a famous actress, but a new relationship did not work out either.

Love story

First family and meeting with Whoopi Goldberg

The first wife of Ted Danson from 1977 to 1993 was producer Casey Coates, and their family has been “stormy” since the birth of their first child.

Casey Coates suffered a massive stroke on Christmas Eve 1979 during childbirth. The promising young actor had to take a break from his career to take care of his sick wife and newborn baby.

Not only that, the doctors assumed that Casey would never be able to walk again, but she coped and got back on her feet. However, after the birth of their second child, their already not very stable marriage began to burst at the seams before our eyes. And then Ted Danson fell in love with his co-star. Whoopi Goldberg and completely lost his head from her.

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Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg first met in 1988 on the set of The Arsenio Hall Show. The host then said that a woman cannot be both beautiful and funny, but Danson protested and pointed to Whoopi: “You’re wrong. Here is a very sexy and funny lady. “

“This was the first time someone publicly stated that I was actually very feminine and very beautiful,” Whoopi Goldberg recalled that situation.

The comedy that brought Whoopi and Ted together

Four years later, in 1992, they starred in the comedy Made in America, and that’s when their romance began. The actors constantly laughed and made fun of each other. Goldberg once hired a real orchestra to accompany Ted to the set. In response, Danson filled her dressing room with balloons to capacity. A spark flashed between the actors.

Danson was still married to Casey Coates, and Goldberg was enjoying her freedom following her divorce from her second husband, David Klassen. The film crew tried to hide their relationship, but the ubiquitous journalists soon trumpeted the story. Casey did not tolerate an unfaithful spouse and left him with two children and $ 30 million, which made their divorce one of the most “expensive” at the time.

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End of the tale

After the divorce, Danson and Goldberg stopped hiding and now quietly appeared together in public. But their relationship did not stand the test, and the actors broke up after a year and a half.

It was rumored that Danson left his beloved due to pressure from his own parents; in addition, racial prejudice played an important role in their separation. Paradoxically, Ted and Whoopi’s relationship ended even before his official divorce from Casey Coates was finally finalized.

Ted Danson

Nevertheless, the actor found a new love in 1995 and has been happy with her ever since. However, Danson remembers Whoopi Goldberg fondly: “I’ve been in Whoopi’s shadow all my life – I adore this woman.”

Whoopi Golberg

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