Lyudmila Bakalina – numerologist, expert author of COLADY magazine

Lyudmila Bakalina - numerologist, expert author of COLADY magazine
Lyudmila Bakalina, Numerologist, expert author of Bologny magazine

The author of a sincere corner, Bakalina Lyudmila Valentinovna – answers to questions using the date of birth and the letters of your name.

Despite my main job as an Accountant, since 1999 I have taken a great interest in numerology, and this has become my real passion. It all started with the book “Step by Step, Numerology” by K. Lagerkvist and L. Lenard. When I started reading this book, I got the feeling that I am talking with the authors about myself.

Of course, I am enthusiastic, I could not help but study various systems of numbers and their spiritual properties that carry information to us about themselves. This is Western classical numerology, it is called Pythagorean. In the early 1900s, Mrs. Bolliet, who studied the Bible, Pythagoras, Plato, and other philosophers, proposed a system for translating letters into numbers, followed by Dr. Juno Jordan, who studied the science of names and numbers; checking, proving and refuting until his death on the eve of the centenary in 1984, and A.F. Aleksandrov, and the Ideal numerological system, the founder N Sidorova .. Of course, in our time, and we have 2020, this is no longer considered an esoteric science, I was convinced of this once again after graduating from the school of G.V. Laktionova, “Names and Dates – the key to character and destiny. “

Numerology is the science of the spiritual properties of numbers and letters. I am glad to share my knowledge with you, dear readers, to help that person who suddenly have questions: what is my path, the purpose of my life, what character, strengths and weaknesses (yours, partner, child), what kind of relationship with a partner, my professional activities and how not to swim against the tide, and many others. In addition to professional education in leading schools of numerology, I additionally studied a lot on my own in an effort to realize my own strengths and understood firsthand what exactly is a problem for the perception of ourselves, what pitfalls exist and how to give this information easily, and it works in my practice. life, life of my friends and acquaintances.

Contact with other people, our experiences and the whims of other people may seem like a difficult road to us. Knowledge will help you get an understanding of who we are or find out if we are on the right path, what to do in order to understand ourselves, a partner, and each of us can do this.

Figures give us great wisdom and insight on the path of knowing ourselves.

I will try to give answers to small questions in the commentary (indicate along with the question the exact date of your birth, full name given to you at birth!).

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