Macdon Header Adapter For John Deere Combine

The Macdon Header Adapter for John Deere combine is made to fit all standard and wide body machines. This unit comes with all parts that are required to attach a new header and is compatible with all tire types. If you are in the market for a new header, you’ve come to the right place. The RCI adapter is the only header adapter for John Deere combine that is approved by the manufacturer.

This adapter is designed for the 812A combine head. It fits the JD9670 and TR/TX new Holland combines with the paddle-style infeed AUger. This adapter comes with extra plates and filler pieces and is fully compatible with the 80-88 series Case IH combines. This attachment is also easy to remove and install, so you won’t have to worry about it falling off.

The Macdon 871 Header Adapter is designed for TR/TX NEW HOLLAND combines and JOHN DEERE combines. It has a paddle style infeed AUger. It is in good shape but does have some weathering. The MACDON 871 Adapter is compatible with all PTO drive shafts and is easy to install.

The Macdon Header Adapter for John Deere combine is compatible with all common tire configurations and spacings. The newest version of the 812A combines is compatible with all hydraulic controls, and is compatible with all types of John Deere tractors. The new header will give you variable control over the speed of your corn head. It will fit a wide range of combines.

This adapter is designed to fit the TR/TX JOHN DEERE combines with a paddle style infeed AUger. It is easy to install and requires one hour of time. If you don’t have a header automatic attachment, you will need to order the AXE74294 drive shaft. This is the shorter drive shaft than the standard. You can reuse the original driveshaft with the Header Automatic Attachment.

A Macdon 871 ADAPTOR is compatible with all TR/TX NEW HOLLAND and JOHN DEERE combines. It also has a paddle-style infeed AUger. It also comes with extra plates and plastic filler pieces. It can be easily converted to 80-88 Series Case IH combines. You’ll find the right one for your needs.

The 812A Combine Header Adapter is an excellent choice for any John Deere combine. It works with all tire sizes and spacings. The Macdon 812A is compatible with all hydraulic controls and provides variable header speed. The dual drive header is used for the 871 AUger. The other two are the 9000 Series and the MY2015 models. These combines have a hydraulically-controlled header.

The Macdon 871 Adaptor is compatible with both TR/TX and JOHN DEERE combines. Its paddle-style infeed AUger works with all model 8000/9000 Forage Harvesters. Aheader and adapter for these models requires a drive shaft of AXE74294 (drive shaft is shorter than standard). It is compatible with both hydraulic controls and the ‘Bear’ AUger.

The 812A Header Adapter is compatible with most models of John Deere combines. Its dual drive headers include a cross drive shaft and replaceable paddles. Its feed roll is used to insert plastic filler pieces. Its canvas has some weathering but is still in great condition to use. If you’re looking for a Macdon header for your John Deere combine, contact a local dealer for more details.

MY2019 header adapters are available with a new clutch and shield stop that protects header drive components from overload. Older 812A adapters are available with a variety of updates. Both models offer a unified interface. If you’re upgrading, you’ll receive an update bundle for your older adapters. All parts are available for purchase on RCI. The RCI part is designed to replace an older one, while the update bundle is suitable for MY2018 and earlier years.

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