Madison Beer shares why she is negative about social media

Singer Madison Beer willingly believes those who claim that social networks are bad for the psychological state. She avoids responding to negative comments. And he believes blogging can be confusing.

19-year-old pop star for some time now dose communication on Twitter and Instagram.

“Social media can really hurt your head,” says Madison. “I’ve grown enough to start using them more wisely than before. I try not to feed people who discuss me in a negative way. After all, I just do not have enough time to be able to respond to ill-wishers. I believe that a kind heart is the main quality with which I wish to be associated. Regardless of what mistakes I made, what path in music I went through, I want people to remember me and say: “Hmm, this girl has a good heart after all!”

Madison Beer

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Madison Beer

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Bier has doubts about the attractiveness of his own appearance. She doesn’t like her ears.

“The main battle with social media is portraying influential bloggers as such perfect personas,” she says. – After all, their photos are perfect. But you can’t even imagine how many frames are shot, how many hours it takes to edit to make everything look wonderful. I always try to emphasize that they are not related to reality, they do not reflect it even to the smallest extent. Personally, I’ve started to believe in myself more over the past few years. But I am a person, I have moments of doubt and struggle with myself. I very often compare myself with other people, I try to overcome this in myself. Once I got my hair up high, pulled my hair back and said, “Oh, I have such huge ears.” Friends laugh it off: “You should have heard yourself from the outside!”

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