Maggie’s Rooms 4 Rent Saint John Nb

Maggie’s Rooms 4 Rent is a business in Saint John, NB and is part of the Commercial Machinery and Equipment Rental Industry. They have 1 employees and generate an annual revenue of $292,169. The estimated sales of this company is based on historical data. The contact information is based on an estimate of the principals’ salaries and other relevant information. Therefore, actual sales figures may differ.

Guests can expect a comfortable stay in a one-bedroom apartment that is equipped with all modern amenities. The apartment is close to the downtown area, where you can find several restaurants and cinemas. In addition, it is just three minutes away from the beach and other popular attractions. For additional convenience, the property also has free parking. There is a laundry facility in the building as well, and there is Wi-Fi and a TV in each room. The host of the rental also provides breakfast.

Maggie’s rooms 4 rent Saint John NB has one-bedroom apartments that accommodate up to eight people. These apartments are equipped with modern amenities and have separate bathrooms for single and double occupancy. They are also located near a grocery store, bank, post office, and restaurant. A couple who is on a budget will enjoy staying in this apartment. It is also convenient to various businesses, such as a movie theater, supermarket, and bakery.

A one-bedroom apartment with a private bathroom and a kitchenette is perfect for a romantic getaway or a family vacation. The location is also convenient if you are looking for an affordable place to stay in Saint John. The studio apartment is located above a local spa, so it’s ideal for couples who are on a budget. The apartment is equipped with all the essentials for a comfortable stay, including free parking. The rental is close to several restaurants, grocery stores, and the beach.

This property is located near the downtown area and is a good choice for a couple on a budget. The one-bedroom apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, four bathrooms, and a balcony overlooking the city. The villa is close to the beach and is three minutes away from a grocery store and the nearest restaurants. The nearby shopping and entertainment center will provide you with everything you need for your vacation.

The studio apartment is a good option for two people. It has a living room with a full kitchen, a fully-equipped kitchen, and four bathrooms. Its location is also convenient, as it is close to restaurants, supermarkets, and the beach. Its location is ideal for couples and families on a budget, and offers plenty of space and comfort. A single-bedroom apartment has a separate bedroom, while a two-bedroom one-bedroom unit is shared between two people.

The studio apartment is a great option for a couple. This one-bedroom apartment is close to the local spa and beach. The studio is a great choice for a couple who is on a budget, and it comes with a fully-equipped kitchen and four bathrooms. The two-bedroom villa is also near a bakery, post office, and grocery store, so it is convenient for a couple who’s traveling together.

A one-bedroom apartment is ideal for a couple on a budget. It has all the modern amenities and is close to a spa and a bakery. It is also located near the local cinema, supermarkets, and the beach. This is an ideal option for families with children. And it’s a great option for a couple on a budget. If you’re a solo traveler, the studio apartment is perfect for you.

A studio apartment is a cozy and comfortable place to stay in Saint John. With a large living room, you can comfortably accommodate eight guests. It has a fully-equipped kitchen and four bathrooms. It is also close to a cinema, supermarkets, and a bakery. A studio apartment is a good choice for a couple on a tight budget. It offers all the modern amenities and convenience you need.

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