Make curls: The best tricks & techniques

Not blessed with curls by Mother Nature? No problem! With these simple techniques, you can easily conjure up soft beach waves, glamorous curls or corkscrew curls yourself! Plus: A curling iron is not absolutely necessary – curls with straighteners work just as well. But not only curls with straighteners look great, the result is also worth seeing with curlers. Let’s curl up!

With a straightening iron, the hair is only straightened? Wrong thought! Whether casual beach waves, glamorous waves or wild corkscrew curls – with the straightening iron you can create beautiful curls. It takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of the technique, curls will be styled in no time.

Before you start styling your curls, your hair must be completely dry. To avoid damaging the hair, be sure to use heat protection. Then brush your hair well and off you go:

  • Separate the first strand – the rest of the hair is pinned away with clips.

  • Now place the straightening iron (must not be wider than 5 cm) at the hairline and pull it down, rotating the straightening iron 180°. The angle of rotation can be varied to create a casual wave structure.

  • Holding the straightening iron vertically creates corkscrew curls – and the more horizontal the straightening iron is held, the softer the waves become.

  • Work your way strand by strand and finally fix the curls with some hairspray. It’s so easy to style curls with straighteners!

In the following gallery we also show the most beautiful curly hairstyles:

With the curling iron, the intensity and direction of the curls can be controlled very well. The wider the barrel, the bigger the curls. This curling iron tutorial is guaranteed to work:

  • Distribute curling foam into dry hair and knead well. Heat protection is also super important here!

  • Wrap individual strands around the curling iron, carefully loosen them after about 10 seconds and let them cool down.

  • In this way, the entire head is processed.

  • Finally, bend forward and shake out your hair well – fix with hairspray and your curly hairstyle is done!

By the way: It doesn’t always need hot temperatures to shape the hair as desired. This is how curls succeed without any heat!

Big volume waves are back and conquering our hearts. But how do you achieve the fluffy blow-out look at home? Voluminous waves and soft curls are best achieved with a hairdryer and a round brush, but it’s not that easy. because handling the round brush has to be learned and requires a lot of patience. And not only that, because after just a few strands your arms get pretty heavy. The solution: a hair dryer! It has a round brush head and dries the hair in the desired shape. Some even twist them, so that the volume look in the hair is guaranteed to succeed.

Curling hair dryers are a particular attraction in the beauty world at the moment, as it sucks in strands of hair as if by magic and dries them in curls. A minimum of heat is required. With the Dyson Airwrap* you can create a wide variety of curls, waves and volume looks. With the various attachments you can quickly switch between sleek look, curls and big waves and thus customize your hairstyle. The hair dryer is quite expensive, but convinces beauty fans through the series.

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The same applies to hair curlers: the larger the diameter, the bigger the curls.

  • Start by kneading a little mousse into towel-dried hair.

  • Then divide the hair into three sections: top hair, left side and right side.

  • Now a strand can be separated that is a little thinner than the curler.

  • Pull the strand taut and twist it onto the curler, starting with the tip.

  • Secure with a bobby pin if the curlers don’t hold up on their own.

  • Continue strand by strand in this way.

  • When all the hair is coiled, blow dry for about 10 minutes and leave the curlers in the hair for at least three hours.

  • Carefully loosen the curlers, shape the hair with your fingers and finally set with hairspray.

And of course there is also the option of a permanent wave. Here we inform about new techniques, duration and durability of a perm. Or how about a volume wave? This technique gives the hair more fullness without the hair having to be heavily curled.

This trend from the 2000s is making a comeback and is now called crimped hair. In this case, the hair lengths are not completely processed with the crimping iron, but only individual strands. Since the hair is exposed to strong heat, just like when curling with a straightening iron or curling iron, you should make sure that it is completely dry. Heat protection is also important. That’s how it works:

  • Separate the desired strand from the rest of the hair and work with the crimping iron from the roots to the tips

  • Don’t pull the crepe iron through your hair, but keep applying the iron again and again and work downwards

  • Finally, let the hair cool down and fix it with some hairspray

The same problem over and over again: it took forever to create the perfect curls and less than an hour later your hair is straight again! So that the freshly twisted, coiled or braided curls last longer the next time you style them, the following applies here: less is more! Too much hairspray can also weigh down the hair. Especially with fine hair, it often happens that the curls hang out due to their own weight. Before curling, we recommend kneading a walnut-sized portion of mousse into the hair – this makes the curls easier to style and last longer.

Do you already have curls and want to know how to properly care for them? Then this way please: How to care for your natural curls.

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