Makeup for brunettes: step by step, makeup artist tips

Owners of dark, in particular cold dark brown or black hair, have a rather contrasting appearance.

It is known that makeup can both emphasize advantages and aggravate disadvantages. What are the features of makeup for brunettes?

Makeup for brunettes step by step

1. Mandatory use of concealer

As a rule, dark hair color emphasizes all shadows on the face. This is especially true for dark circles under the eyes. Of course, their visibility and clarity depends on many factors, but it is absolutely certain that in brunettes they stand out more on the face than in fair-haired girls.

Therefore, they need to use concealer under the eyes: it will help to give the face a healthier and more rested look.

2. Smoky Ice

Smoky eye makeup is especially suitable for dark-haired women; on blondes, it can look vulgar.
It can be made in both charcoal black and dark brown tones.

Main rules: the shadows should be well shaded and should not start from the innermost corner of the eyes, but a little further away, so as not to get a “panda effect”.

It is better to lighten the inner corner with shiny light shadows.

3. Blush

Brunettes are encouraged to use blush to add softness to their look.

Blush for a brunette

Such girls are well suited to saturated cold pink shades, not pastel and by no means peach.

Moreover, a blush of plum shades will look good.

4. Eyeliner

A pencil shaded around the eye looks very advantageous on the owners of black hair. It is better to apply it not thickly, but lightly, shading is also not strong.

Such a make-up will emphasize the eyes. Plus, you can walk with it to the office or to a celebration, because the intensity can be adjusted.

5. Shadows

Being a brunette means allowing yourself almost any shade of eyeshadow. Dark-haired girls with a cold undertone belong to the “Winter” color type. This means that it is permissible to use both light and dark shadows.

  • For daytime makeup dark brown eyeshadow will do. You can make a smooth transition of shadows: from a light shade in the inner corner of the eye to a dark shade in the outer.Day makeup for brunettes
  • For evening make-up the choice is more varied. Golden, purple, deep blue and emerald green shadows will be appropriate. You can do any makeup: if done carefully, the result will be breathtaking.Evening makeup for brunettes

6. Eyebrows

In natural brunettes, they correspond to the color of the hair roots, or a tone lighter. This means that with the current fashion for natural eyebrows, it is quite possible to do without additional manipulations: it is enough to gently pluck and lay them with eyebrow gel.

If a woman has achieved a dark hair color with the help of dye, it is advisable to dye her eyebrows as well. To avoid a heavy look as a result, the dye should be slightly lighter than the hair color.

7. Lipstick

Better to avoid: peach, orange and coral lipsticks. They will add unwanted yellowness to the teeth and whites of the eyes.

Use lipsticks in cool shades: pink, wine, classic red and dark brown.

Since the use of dark lipsticks is available, it will be advantageous to make a gradient effect on the lips: you can apply a lighter lipstick to the center of the lips and blend the color transition.

You can use a transparent lip gloss, in the case of an accent on the eyes, it will be beautiful and appropriate.

Transparent lip gloss

8. Sculpting the face

It is very important to distinguish between bronzer and sculptor. Usually bronzer is needed to enhance the glow of the tan. Thus, it is a “dark highlighter”.

No need apply it under the cheekbones, especially for brunettes, it will mercilessly reddish and give the image a cheap price.

In no case should you use blush to sculpt your face. Choose sculptors in cool browns, such as taupe.

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