Makeup for the impending century step by step – photo and video, instructions

Makeup for the impending centuryFirst of all, I would like to say that the drooping eyelid is not a disadvantage, because it is just an anatomical feature. The owners of the impending century are most often divided into three types. The former believe that with their peculiarity, they should not tint their eyes, the maximum is mascara.

The latter do not even suspect that their eyelids are somehow different from the eyelids of other people, so they can do inappropriate makeup, which does not look the most advantageous in their eyes. And still others know about their peculiarities? and with the help of cosmetics they make their look even more beautiful.

The tips below will help you join the latter.

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Draw the crease of the eyelid

If the skin of the movable (upper) eyelid hangs quite strongly over the natural fold, it doesn’t matter, because you can draw an artificial one!

Drooping eyelid

It is necessary to create a shadow where it actually does not exist. This will help to visually make the eye more “open” and the gaze more expressive.

  1. To make it easier, at first you can resort to pencil technique… Use a light brown, well-sharpened, soft eyeliner. 2-3 mm above the natural fold of the eyelid, we begin to outline an artificial fold. Blend the resulting line up to create a light shadow.
  2. Further, this area is necessary work with shadows… To do this, you need a gray-brown shade. Take a round brush, apply the product on it, lightly shake off the excess – and in a circular motion apply them to the artificial eyelid crease marked with a pencil. Blend it well, then paint over the outer corner of the eye with a darker shade. Apply light shadows to the space under the drawn fold using a flat brush. You can use beige, pale pink, or light golden shades.

Impending century makeup

Smokey ice

Smokey ice will be a win-win option for the owners of the impending century.

Interesting feature of this makeup is that it can give age to the owners of ordinary eyelids, and on girls with an overhanging eyelid, it exhibits an absolutely opposite effect: the face looks younger.

For overhanging eyelids, it will be more convenient to do such makeup using as foundation cream eyeshadow, not a pencil. The pencil has a greasy texture and runs the risk of rolling quickly in the natural crease of the eyelid. Cream eyeshadows will harden before rolling, and accordingly, they will last longer.

  1. For added convenience, choose a creamy shade of a suitable shade so as not to overlap with dry eyeshadow. For example, light brown, which are harmoniously and smoothly embedded in the skin – and will not be a “stain”.
  2. With a flat brush, apply creamy shadows on the visible part of the movable eyelid, raise the eyebrows so that the overhanging skin is taut, blend the shadows upward with a round brush.
  3. Then reapply the shadow on the visible part – and blend again, this time finishing shading a little lower.
  4. Use the remnants of the shadows on a round brush to work on the lower eyelid.
  5. Connect the shadows on the upper eyelid and paint the outer corner of the eye with a thin line on the lower one.

For eye makeup with drooping eyelids it is better not to use shimmery eyeshadows, especially rough textures and large glitters. They will draw attention to the natural volume and fold of the skin. Better to give preference to matte or satin shadows.

Satin shadows

When creating smoky ice, you need smooth shading of shadowsso that they do not stain in any way. The eyeshadow should create a slight “haze” rather than a solid color over the lids.

Arrows for the impending century

As a rule, arrows are considered not the best option for owners of an overhanging eyelid.

However, much depends on the degree of overhang.… If the moving eyelid is completely hidden, right down to the eyelashes, by the skin, then, of course, it is better not to draw arrows. But if 3-4 mm are still in the visible area, then the arrow is allowed.

The arrow must be drawn on the open eyelid. The tip of the arrow should be a continuation of the lower eye contour. In this case, the formation of a crease is permissible.

If you like the arrows longer, try to make the part of the arrow before the start of its tail as thin as possible so that the overhang is less noticeable.

If you prefer short arrows, you can make the line as thick as the visible part of the movable eyelid.

Combine arrows with drawing an artificial fold, and then the makeup will look even more beautiful.

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