Makeup lessons from Behati Prinsloo

Model Behati Prinslu has an original vision of beauty maintenance. For example, she applies makeup with her fingers, without brushes or applicators. And the beauty also appreciates practical cosmetics.

Behati, 29, is a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Every exit from the house should be effective. Therefore, the girl’s daily facial schedule is tough. One of Prinsloo’s secrets is rejection of brushes and applicators

Behati prinsloo

Behati Prinsloo

Behati Prinsloo1

Behati Prinsloo2

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Morning model begins with water-based spray… It moisturizes the skin and prepares it for a hard day: to the effects of ultraviolet radiation, cosmetics, harmful substances that pollute the atmosphere. The next step is to apply cream with powerful sun protection: SPF50… After that, Behati inflicts tonal basis

“This is how I create a simple, natural image, as if molded on the go,” she says. – It is suitable for daily activities, for walking the dog or walking with children. Since this is a daytime make-up, I love to mix my foundation with sunblock. This trick helps to make the base beautiful, subtle. I use my hands to apply makeup. I believe that they heat the product, it fits better on the skin and is absorbed into it.

With her husband Adam Levin, the beauty is raising 2-year-old Dusty Rose and one-year-old Gio Grace. For a casual look, Behati uses only eyebrow pencil and Mascara… She does not use shadows during the day.

Behati Prinslu with her husband and children
Behati Prinslu with her husband Adam Levin and children

– Using the cream is quite simple, I also apply it with my fingers, – adds Prinsloo. – It is the cream that gives the skin that perfect, moisturized look that I like so much. Since I don’t like using brushes, this is my salvation.

For lips, fashion model uses special gel, which hardens in a thick layer and gives them swelling. Sometimes she also curls her eyelashes for a more feminine and romantic look.

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