Mandii B Net Worth

When we talk about the estimated net worth of Mandii B, we are not only talking about her media career, but also about her relationship records, salary, and other personal data. She recently turned 29 and celebrated her birthday in 2019. In addition to being a podcaster and content producer, she has a huge following on Instagram. According to some estimates, her net worth is $150k. Mandii B has her own business, OfficalBoxowner, in addition to her salary.

As a bisexual, Mandii B has revealed about her dating preferences in past episodes. She only associates to people who share her brown skin tone or black skin. Her sexual relations with tall athletes are also well documented, but she never names them. In 2018, she disclosed that she was in a relationship with a mysterious man called “Felon Bae.” Interestingly, she never referred to him as her boyfriend.

Mandii B is a rapper and entrepreneur. Mandii B is a media personality as well as a podcast host. His Instagram followers number over 150,000. His YouTube channel has over 35,000 subscribers. He also hosts a podcast called Whoreible Decision. Mandii B’s networth is expected to increase as she grows her business. However, her true identity remains unknown.

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