Maria Alalykina from the “Star Factory” became a Muslim

Once Maria Alalykina shone on the stage of the “Star Factory”, starred in videos in revealing outfits and was the idol of thousands of people. Now the girl has turned into a completely different person: she became a recluse, changed her name, gave birth to a daughter, and even converted to Islam. How does the former star live now?

“She always wanted to be on TV, climbed there”

Maria Alalykina

In the 2000s, Maria Alalykina participated in the “Star Factory”, and hundreds of thousands of spectators admired her, hoping to someday see the girl on the big stage. But this did not happen: all of a sudden, the young pop singer chose marriage, Islam and social isolation.

For a long time about Alalykina, whose name is now – Maryam, nothing is heard, but then her mother decided to give an interview for the program “Tonight” on “Channel One”.

Maria’s mother never approved of her daughter’s creative hobbies. She wanted the artist to first study at the institute and receive a diploma, and only after that she tried to conquer show business. But the rest of the girl was considered so talented that they promised her a completely different future. This is not surprising, because Alalykina came to the casting of “Factory” just for the company, and in the end reached the final of the show!

But the parent claims: the appearance of her daughter on the project crossed out all the good things in her life and destroyed the hopes for Masha’s successful future.

“She always wanted to be on TV, she climbed there. They took her to the project and put an end to all my labors. I invested so much money in her, I wanted her to get a diploma. I was an authoritarian mother. Naturally, I didn’t get any return, ”said the mother of the former“ factory owner ”.

How Mary became a Muslim

Maria Alalykina 2

And because of the busy schedule and difficult tours, Alalykina was almost expelled from the university at all, but her mother helped her stay in it.

“It was only thanks to my efforts that she graduated from the university. Otherwise, she would be turned right away and there would be boobs and boobs and that’s it, ”the parent is sure.

But at that time the producer Igor Matvienko helped the girl a lot – he took her to the first line-up of the Fabrika group. However, she did not immediately fit into the team and could not stay in it for a long time.

“Maria was not ready for show business. She said that it was not hers, ”recalls Matvienko.

Alalykina with her husband

After leaving the group, Alalykina, contrary to the hopes of the fans, ended her career: instead of music, she took up her family. The girl quickly got married, gave birth to a child and became a Muslim.

“Masha really converted to Islam. This happened during the period of the first marriage. Then she divorced her first spouse, began to study a new religion for herself. Nobody forced her to become a Muslim, it was a deliberate decision, “- told Sister Maria to the StarHit edition.

Cheating husband with girlfriend and life in isolation

Maria Alalykina 3

Married life with her first husband did not last long: her lover cheated on his wife with her friend! But in the future it even influenced Maria’s life well: she found a new man, with whom she has been happily married for ten years.

“She has a very good husband who is loving and caring. They lived together in Moscow for several years, but certain problems arose here. Therefore, we decided to move to another region. Someone wrote that Masha was forcibly taken to the aul, but this is not true. Their decision to move to one of the major cities of Russia was mutual, ”a relative of the artist shared.

Now Maria lives in Makhachkala, does not maintain social networks, almost does not meet with people, and even more so does not communicate with journalists or fans. But Alalykina’s mother claims: her daughter is happy and feels well, she writes books and studies Arabic languages. The ex-soloist of “Factory” rarely communicates with the outside world and only if her husband permits it.

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