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Marina TsvetaevaMarina Tsvetaeva’s poems are distinguished by the piercing lines through which sadness is visible. The fate of the famous poetess was tragic: her creative activity was not easy, but her personal life was even more difficult.

For the emotional Tsvetaeva, it was important to be in a state of love – this was the only way she could create her poems.

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Of course, the main character of her creations was her husband, Sergey Efron… The poetess met him at Maximilian Voloshin’s. The girl was struck by his amazingly beautiful eyes – huge, “Venetian”. Marina Tsvetaeva was inclined to believe in various signs, being a delicate and impressionable nature, so she wondered that if he gave her her favorite stone, she would certainly marry him.

Marina Tsvetaeva and Sergey Efron
Marina Tsvetaeva and Sergey Efron

And so it happened – Efron gave the poetess a carnelian, and in 1912 the young people got married. In poems dedicated to her husband, Marina wrote that she was to him “in Eternity – a wife, not on paper!”. They were brought together by the fact that Sergei, like Tsvetaeva, was an orphan. It is possible that for her he remained a boy who did not have a mother, and not a grown man. There was more maternal concern in her love, she wanted to take care of him and took a leading position in their family.

But family life did not develop as Marina Tsvetaeva imagined. The husband plunged headlong into politics, and the wife had to take on all the worries about the household and children. The young woman became nervous, withdrawn – she was not ready for this, and Sergei did not notice how difficult it was for her to cope with everything.

Daughters of Tsvetaeva and Efron - Alya (Ariadna) and Irina Efron
Daughters of Tsvetaeva and Efron – Alya (Ariadna) and Irina Efron

In 1914 Marina Tsvetaeva and Sofia Parnok met. Parnok immediately struck the imagination of the young poet. The feeling came suddenly, at first sight. Later Tsvetaeva will devote a cycle of poems “Friend” to Sophia, and in some lines she will compare her with her mother. Perhaps the maternal warmth emanating from Parnok was what attracted Tsvetaeva so much? Or simply the poetess managed to awaken sensuality in her, a woman, which Efron, who did not pay enough attention to his wife, could not do.

Sofia Parnok - the lady of the heart of Marina Tsvetaeva

Parnok was very jealous of Marina Tsvetaeva for Sergei. The young woman herself rushed between the two people closest to her, and could not decide – whom she loved more. Efron, on the other hand, acted very delicately – he simply stepped aside, leaving as an orderly for the war. The passionate romance between Parnok and Tsvetaeva lasted until 1916, and then they parted – Sofia had a new love, and for Marina this news was a blow, and she was finally disappointed in her friend.

Meanwhile, Sergei Efron fought on the side of the White Guards. The poetess began an affair with the theater and the actors of the Vakhtangov studio. Tsvetaeva was very in love, for her the state of love was necessary in order to create. But most often she did not love the person himself, but the image that she herself invented. And when she realized that a real person was different from her ideal, she was pierced with pain from another disappointment, until she found a new hobby.

Marina Tsvetaeva, 1922
Marina Tsvetaeva, 1922

But, despite fleeting romances, Marina Tsvetaeva continued to love Sergei, and looked forward to his return. When, at last, they were able to see each other, the poetess firmly decided to establish family life. They moved to the Czech Republic, where Efron studied at the university, and there she had a love that almost cost her her family.

Her husband introduced her to Konstantin Rodzevich – and a passionate feeling overtook Tsvetaeva. Rodzevich saw in her a young woman who wanted love and care. Their romance developed rapidly, and for the first time Marina thought about leaving the family, but she did not. She wrote her lover letters full of love, and there were so many of them that they made up a whole book.

Rodzevich Konstantin Boleslavovich
Rodzevich Konstantin Boleslavovich

Efron called Rodzevich “little Casanova”, but his wife was blinded by love and did not notice anything around. She was annoyed about any reason and could not speak for several days with her husband.

When she had to make a choice, Tsvetaeva chose her husband. But the family idyll was gone. The novel did not last long, and then the poetess’s friends would call it “a real, unique, difficult non-intellectual novel.” Perhaps this is due to the fact that Rodzevich did not have a subtle poetic nature, like the rest of the beloved poetess.

Emotional and sensual nature was manifested in the poetess in everything, even in ordinary correspondence. She admired Boris Pasternak and carried on a fairly frank correspondence with him. But it was stopped at the insistence of Pasternak’s wife, who was amazed at the frankness of the poetess’s messages. But Tsvetaeva and Pasternak were able to maintain friendly relations.

Boris Pasternak
Boris Pasternak

One of the most famous poems of Tsvetaeva “I like that you are not sick with me …” is worth noting separately. And it is dedicated to the second husband of Marina’s sister, Anastasia. Mauritius Mints came to Anastasia with a note from their mutual acquaintances, and they spent the whole day talking. Mints liked Anastasia so much that he offered to live together. Soon he met Marina Tsvetaeva.

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He immediately liked her – not only as a famous and talented poetess, but also as an attractive woman. Marina saw these signs of attention, was embarrassed, but their sympathy never grew into a great feeling, because Mints was already in love with Anastasia. With her famous poem, the poetess answered all those who believed that she and Mints had an affair. This beautiful and sad ballad has become one of her most famous creations.

Standing (from left to right) - Marina Tsvetaeva's husband Sergei Efron, Anastasia Tsvetaeva's husband Mavriky Mints, sitting - Anastasia with her son Andrey and Marina with her son George
Standing (from left to right) – Marina Tsvetaeva’s husband Sergei Efron, Anastasia Tsvetaeva’s husband Mavriky Mints, sitting – Anastasia with her son Andrey and Marina with her son George

Marina Tsvetaeva had an amorous and impressionable nature. For her, being in love with someone was a natural state. And it doesn’t matter whether it was a real person, or an image invented by her. But strong emotions, the intensity of feelings inspired her to create beautiful, but sad love lyrics. Marina Tsvetaeva did not take half measures – she gave herself up to feelings entirely, she lived by them, idealized the image of a lover – and then worried about disappointment in her ideal.

Marina Tsvetaeva, 1939

But poetic natures do not know how to do otherwise, because any manifestations of feelings are their main source of inspiration.

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