Mark Henry And Big E Langston Helps John Cena

In November 2012, Big E and Dean Ambrose helped John Cena retain the Intercontinental Championship. Both men had feuded with the Shield, and Big E and Ambrose helped Cena by working with them in the ring. At the same time, Big Em and Dean Ambrose were tagging partners in the tag team match at WrestleMania XXX.

On the previous Raw, Cena teamed up with Mark Henry and Big E Langston to defeat Daniel Bryan and become the new WWE champion. The three men also helped John Cena repel an ambush from The Shield. Following this match, the Director of Operations Kane announced singles competitions for all six men. After this win, Cena and Henry helped Cena defeat Seth Rollins and earn the WWE Championship.

In a later Raw, Big E Langston and Mark Henry help Cena in a match against Daniel Bryan. After the match, the two men are shown interacting with each other. When they talk about the importance of training, both of them reveal that they want to get bigger. They even help John Cena lift more weight than his partner. In a previous interview with ESPN, the two men compared weights, and Cena said he would like to win the WWE championship.

After the match, The Shield ambushed John Cena. However, Cena and Langston repelled The Shield. They also aided Cena in a singles match against Seth Rollins. They fought CM Punk and The Shield in a stalemate. After the match, the two teammates congratulated Cena on his victory.

The Shield attempted to ambush Cena during the match. In the following match, both Mark Henry and Big E Langston helped the champion get back on his feet. Both men praised the match and helped Cena get back into the ring. In the ring, the four competitors were facing each other. Both teams hoped to win the title, but the Shield did not make it to the final.

The new WWE champion John Cena is also helping his team. Mark Henry and Big E Langston assist in the title match with Daniel Bryan. They are also part of the Shield and are known as the “bad Santa”. The three men are now working together to win the WWE championship. They are also assisting the Shield in the match. Lastly, the WWE alum Booker T and the former NXT Champion have joined the WWE’s ranks.

On the previous night, Cena and Henry helped him to win the WWE championship. The two men also aided one another in the match with Daniel Bryan. At the end of the night, the two men were crowned champions in the USW. The match was a rematch of the US Championship between The Uso Brothers and John Cena. The two men both had success in the first match.

The Shield and Daniel Bryan are in the middle of a fight. The two men are now wrestling for the WWE championship and will face each other in the singles match at Hell in a Cell. During the match, the two men were able to help John Cena overcome the Shield. Afterward, the new champion will face The Shield. They have won the Intercontinental Championship.

The Shield and Mark Henry helped John Cena during his recent match with The Shield. The three men also partnered with each other in a singles match. The two men then helped each other by helping the other in his fight. Throughout the match, they helped each other to win. They were able to beat both Thesis and Daniel Bryan. Hence, Big E Langston and Mark Hanston have been a part of this great feud.

The WWE congratulated Big E on his title win. The two men then became Tag Team Champions and defended the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Dolph Ziggler and Sandow. A.J. was the only person to lose the match. He then won the WWE title and defended it against Dolph Ziggler. At Survivor Series, both teams had their first tag-event match in the summer.

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