Mark Lanier Net Worth

W. Mark Lanier is a well-known plaintiffs attorney who has litigated against manufacturers of defective medical devices, including Johnson & Johnson and DePuy Synthes. Both companies were involved in the marketing of a hip replacement system that was faulty and failed to warn doctors and patients about the risks involved. The result is that hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide have been injured as a result of faulty hip replacements.

While Lanier has never received any awards for his work, his success has helped him amass a net worth that is in the range of $1 million to $10 million. He has also been a member of the foundation board for Texas Tech University and is the founder of the Lanier Law Firm. His law firm won a $40 million case against a pharmaceutical company. Lanier is one of the most well-known faces on social media, but few people know much about his personal life.

Mark Lanier’s net worth has increased over the past decade, with estimates indicating that his net worth is estimated to increase to $1 billion by 2020. His net worth is estimated to reach a new high in the coming years due to his success in his field. The Texas-born W. Mark Lanier is ranked 59th on Forbes’ list of 56528 Celebrities.

Lanier earned his net worth by appearing in a variety of films, including Puncture, and is an attorney. His career began in Houston, where he worked in the trial and appellate divisions of Fulbright & Jaworski. He then went on to establish his own law firm, The Lanier Law Firm, in 1990.

Lanier is very active in his church. He serves on the board of the Christian Trial Lawyers Association, and has a Sunday School at his church in Houston. His family has also built a private religious studies library that is open to the public. In addition, Mark Lanier is a well-respected attorney and is a leader in his field.

In 1990, Lanier represented Rubicon Oil and Gas in a breach of contract case against American oil company Amoco. Amoco had withdrawn from the contract to sell oil fields in Wyoming. In the resulting case, a jury in Matagorda County, Texas, awarded Rubicon over $480 million. He also served as the lead attorney for a group of steelworkers who developed asbestos-related illnesses at an Alabama steel factory. The case, Aaron v. Abex, yielded a $115 million verdict.

Mark Lanier has earned a considerable amount of recognition in the media. His articles and guest appearances have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, The Houston Chronicle, and many other publications. In addition, his success in the courtroom has led to his guest appearances on a variety of news programs.

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