Mathew Rosengart Net Worth

Mathew Rosengart has been hired as the new lawyer for Britney Spears. As a result, many #FreeBritney supporters have wondered how much Rosengart is worth. Let’s take a look at some of the details. His net worth is reportedly six figures.

Mathew Rosengart is a highly successful and experienced lawyer. He has handled many cases throughout his career and has earned wages in the tens of millions of dollars. During one of his cases, he helped Sandton Capital recover fourteen million dollars in damages. Despite his success, the lawyer is extremely reserved. He does not share his age or his marital status publicly.

Mathew Rosengart’s age is not publicly available, but he appears to be in his fifties. He studied at Tulane University and attended Boston College Law School. The date of his birth and wife’s name are not available, but he looks to be in his 50s.

Mathew Rosengart is a lawyer who has worked for several famous celebrities. He has handled the legal cases of actors such as Sean Penn and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. He is also a member of the Beverly Hills Bar Association. He is not active on social media.

Mathew Rosengart’s net worth has been estimated to reach $25 million by 2021. His bill consists of several notable cases for individuals and companies. In particular, he helped Sean Penn preserve his defamation case against Lee Daniels. This led to a hefty bill for him.

Mathew Rosengart has a long face, murky hair, and brown eyes. His looks are strikingly reminiscent of Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch. He is married to Deborah Klein Rosengarl, who hails from Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. His children include Ben and Michael Rosengarl.

As the lead attorney for Britney Spears’ conservatorship case, Mathew Rosengart has accumulated considerable wealth. Rosengart also has an extensive list of clients. This impressive list of clients includes some of the most prominent names in entertainment. The net worth of Mathew Rosengart’s clients has increased significantly in recent years.

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