Megan Fox talks about her rebellious nature in her youth

Actress Megan Fox, who returned to big cinema and social life after a long break, now actively attends various shows and gives interviews. Recently, the star became a guest of the Who What Wear channel and told a lot of interesting things about herself, her new image and roles.

Megan Fox
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More recently, Megan Fox, along with Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, were confidently included in the lists of stars whose film career has ended forever. However, this year, the star unexpectedly took revenge and triumphantly returned both to the screen and to the front pages of the media. Recently, the actress gave a short interview to the Who What Wear channel and talked about her character in her youth, her clothing preferences and her favorite role on the big screen.

About his character in his youth

While discussing one of her longtime looks, Meghan opened up about her teenage personality. As it turned out, the star loved to rebel and always preferred to do everything her own way, including dress code violations.

“I had a real problem with leadership when I was young. And I was outraged by people who tried to tell me how to look, behave, what to say and the like. Things are much better now. But then, no matter what they tried to push me to, I did exactly the opposite. “

Megan Fox
Photo @meganfox

About the passion for fashion

Despite the fact that even at the end of the 2000s, Megan Fox became a real sex symbol and a red carpet star, the actress herself admits that she really started to get involved in fashion only recently, and only now she began to worry about how she looks in everyday life. … The divorce from her husband and a new romance with Machine Gun Kelly clearly benefited the star – she changed her stylist and image. Thanks to her collaboration with Maeve Reilly – and this is one of the most popular stylists in Hollywood – every outfit of the actress becomes a subject of discussion, and provocative appearances on the red carpet are surprising and even shocking. However, Megan herself likes her new style.

“Actors usually have pretty boring looks on red carpet and events. I don’t know why this is, but their style is usually more conservative. And I like Maeve because she’s not like that. She is not afraid or trying to hide me. People have always tried to make me less sexy to be taken seriously. “

Megan Fox about her rebellious youth, her passion for fashion and her favorite film with her participation
Photo @meganfox

About the film “Jennifer’s Body”

In the interview, the topic of Megan’s roles was also touched upon, in particular, the conversation turned to the film “Jennifer’s Body” in which Fox played the role of a schoolgirl who returned from the other world with the aim of revenge. By the way, Megan not only played the main role in the film, but also took part in creating the image of her heroine, which she spoke about in an interview. According to the actress, she wanted Jennifer (the heroine she played) to wear children’s clothes, sweatshirts and T-shirts for girls, as this fully corresponded to the story told in the film.

“It was important to me. Simply because it fits with the storytelling of how girls are treated and women are raised. “

Jennifer’s Body has a very difficult fate: back in 2009, the film was greeted very coolly and was criticized to smithereens, considering the plot primitive, but in 2020 the film was unexpectedly rehabilitated. As it turned out, behind a banal picture of an attractive schoolgirl hides reflection on such problems of society as the objectification of the female body and impunity for violence. Unfortunately, at the time of the film’s release, society was not yet ready for such stories with a veiled meaning.

Megan Fox about her rebellious youth, her passion for fashion and her favorite film with her participation
Photo @meganfox

“I think it’s more relevant now than it was when the film was just released. He was very far from his time. I think this is my favorite project I’ve ever worked on. It was amazing: all the leading roles were female and were written by women. It was way ahead of its time. “

The actress stressed that she considers the work of Diablo Cody (screenwriter) and Karin Kusama (director) brilliant.

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