Mental Age Test – How Many Dogs Do You See?

In 1908, the psychologist Alfred Binet proposed to introduce the term “mental age“. It reflects the mental measure of stability of a person’s cognitive functions (attention, memorization, observation, etc.). Later, adaptive ability, the degree of mental stability and other important things were added to the concept of “mental age”.

It is noticed that the physiological and mental age of a person does not always coincide. You’ve probably heard someone say: “He has the intelligence of a child.” or “He’s advanced beyond his years.”

COLADY has prepared a test for you with which you can determine your mental age.

What do we have to do?

Here is an illustration showing a certain number of dogs. Try to count ALL dogs. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer in this test.

How many dogs test
COLADY illustration by Lara Lauren

So you found …

Mental Age Test - How Many Dogs Do You See?

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1 to 4 dogs

Your mental age is 18-23 years old.

You are in the process of learning about life. Don’t burden your mind with heavy reasoning. You are not used to being responsible for yourself and even more so for others. You love to lead a carefree lifestyle. If you think that someone will cope with some task better than you, you are happy to delegate your powers.

5 dogs

Your mental age is 25-30 years old.

You are an inquisitive and cautious person. Surround yourself with a small number of like-minded people with whom you are comfortable. You do not like to be responsible for others, subconsciously you strive to avoid it at any cost. You care about the future, but not enough to start fighting headlong for your happiness and radically change your life.

6 dogs

Your mental age is 31-40 years old.

You are a mature and intelligent person. As a child, those around you admired your assertiveness and ambition. Some even prophesied a great future for you. You have high standards, are critical of the people around you and yourself. You are a stable and reliable person, so they trust you. You have a “live” mind, so you can easily change the topic of conversation. They are able to see things as they really are. Analyst and great strategist.

7 dogs

Your mental age is 10-18 years old.

You are as naive as a child. It is difficult for you to call a spade a spade, you prefer to embellish events. They tend to idealize and fantasize. You love long-term communication. You have many friends with whom you are comfortable.

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