Michael Mina Net Worth

The net worth of Michael Mina has steadily increased over the past decade. He is the founder of the Mina Group of restaurants, which operates more than 40 locations around the world. He has also authored numerous cookbooks and appeared on various TV shows. His restaurants are located in various locations, including Las Vegas.

Mina studied at the Dartmouth College, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Global Health and Engineering. He then went on to earn his MD and Ph.D. in Immunology and Ecology. He is currently a member of the Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, where he serves as an assistant professor of epidemiology and associate professor of pathology.

After earning a bachelor’s degree, Mina worked at a fast-paced restaurant at the Space Needle before attending the Culinary Institute of America. He opened the Mina Brasserie restaurant in Dubai in 2018 and was selected as one of Esquire’s Restaurant of the Year in 2011. He has also opened the Nobhill and Seablue restaurants in Las Vegas, working alongside tennis player Andre Agassi.

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