Michelle Rodriguez – The Rise of a Bright Hollywood Star

Michelle Rodriguez is not like most Hollywood stars – there is not a drop of glamor and coquetry in her, she prefers sports car racing and shooting to parties and shopping, and instead of fatal seductresses she plays daring and warlike girls. For many years, the main rebel of modern cinema has been confidently walking with a weapon at the ready and destroying stereotypes about women in cinema.

Childhood and youth

Michelle Rodriguez youth

Michelle’s childhood can hardly be called cloudless and cheerful: born into a large family of Puerto Rican Rafael Rodriguez and Dominican Carmine Miladi Paired, the future star had to learn early on what parental divorce, poverty and harsh upbringing are. In addition to Michelle, her mother had eight more children from different men. Carmine raised them in severity, and after the divorce, when the family moved to the Dominican Republic, their grandmother, an ardent supporter of Jehovah’s Witnesses, took care of the children. However, little Michelle even then showed her stubborn character and, despite all the efforts of her relatives, she grew up as a tomboy, fought with boys and was a real headache for teachers.

“All my life I felt alienated from women. They were interested in lipstick, manicure and outfits, and I always felt like a tomboy, like I didn’t fit in. “

Later, the family moved to New Jersey, and Michelle recalls this period with a shudder: slums, dysfunctional neighbors and poverty did not cause much delight in the girl. It is not surprising that at the age of 17, the future star decided to make a living herself, becoming an actress, and went to conquer New York.

Film career

Michelle's career

Fortune smiled at the budding star in 2000 when she went to the casting of Karin Kusama’s “Girl Fight,” which became her lucky ticket to a big movie. The film was warmly received by critics and won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. A year later, Michelle appeared in the action movie Fast and Furious. The role of Letty Ortiz in the immortal franchise brought the actress popularity and love of millions.

“I prefer to set an example of confidence and strength, to inspire girls with five seconds of action, rather than an hour and a half moans.”

This was followed by roles in such films as “Resident Evil”, “Machete”, “SWAT: Special Forces of the City of Angels”, “Avatar”, “Tomboy”. However, despite the role of “tough girl” in Michelle’s filmography there is a place for quite peaceful projects: for example, “Milton’s Secret”.

Michelle Rodriguez

One of the last roles of Michelle again allowed her to demonstrate professionalism and show her versatility: in the film “Widows” her heroine – an ordinary woman, a shopkeeper, for the first time takes up arms to avenge her husband.

“It’s time for an Amazon princess who can compete for what she believes in. Stop hiding behind makeup, it’s time to act. “

Personal life

Rodriguez and Diesel

It is no coincidence that Michelle describes herself as a lonely wolf – the actress has never been married, although she has many high-profile novels on her account, both with men and women. Among her partners were Vin Diesel, Olivier Martinez, Zac Efron, and the actress also dated model and actress Cara Delevingne.

“I can’t be with metrosexuals who pay more attention to their nails than I do.”

Although the star is already 41 years old, she is in no hurry to have children and admits that if she wants to start a family, she will most likely turn to the services of a surrogate mother.

Michelle on the red carpet and beyond

Michelle Rodriguez on the red carpet

Michelle often appears on the red carpet and various events, but it is easy to see that luxurious evening dresses are not her strong point: in them she looks somewhat constrained and unusual.

Outside the red carpet, the actress prefers to exploit her favorite image of “her boyfriend” and dresses in leather jackets, ripped jeans, alcoholic T-shirts, T-shirts and boots. However, this style is quite consistent with the frenzied temperament and active lifestyle of Michelle.

“I don’t want people to think of me as an object of sexual dreams. I don’t want them to say about me: “What a cutie she is!”

The star is constantly on the move: traveling, racing, shooting, kickboxing, karate and taekwondo. Regular training helped Michelle to maintain a slim fit figure and good health, in addition, the actress tries to eat according to the principle “there is to maintain the body’s activity, and not for pleasure.”

Michelle Rodriguez 2

“I am sure that I have kept my health precisely because I am always on the move, and thus my toxins find their way out of the body. Life is motion. Never stand still. “

Michelle is a flamboyant and unconventional actress who proves that women can play warlike and strong characters as well as men. However, in life, the star is in no way inferior to her heroines – thanks to her perseverance and punchy character, she managed to fulfill her dream and achieve success.

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