Miley Cyrus reveals her contact with aliens

Singer and actress Miley Cyrus surprised the audience again, but this time not in a shocking way or a new high-profile novel, but with a shocking statement about her contact with UFOs.

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Aliens or hallucinations?

In her interview with Interview, the singer admitted that she believes in the existence of alien intelligence and does not consider unidentified flying objects to be fiction. The reality of this phenomenon made her believe her personal experience with such an object.

According to the star, it happened when she was driving from San Bernardino, California. Then from the window of her car she saw a strange object in the sky like a “flying snow plow”, emitting a yellow light. The singer and her companion, who was then driving, stopped to get a better look at the UFO and then, as Miley assures, she had direct contact with the aliens. At that moment it seemed to her that someone seemed to look into her eyes. After that, she slept badly for several days and suffered from nightmares.

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However, there is one nuance that casts doubt on the veracity of Miley’s words: as the star herself admitted the day before, she had just acquired a little “grass” (in some states this is legalized). So, it is impossible to say unequivocally whether the contact was real or it was a consequence of the use of prohibited substances.

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Little green men as part of the national culture

It should be noted that in the United States, the UFO theme is popular as nowhere else in the world and has already become a kind of part of the culture. A lot of films have been shot in Hollywood that touch on the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations:

  • “Stranger”;
  • “Independence Day”;
  • Close Encounters of the Third Degree;
  • Predators;
  • “Arrival”;
  • “Living”.

The theme of little green men gained particular popularity in the 90s, after the release of the series “The X-Files” in the center of the plot of which various paranormal phenomena, including UFOs. The United States even has a UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico.

Miley Cyrus spoke about her recent acquaintance with UFOs and contact with aliens

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