Mina Suvari spoke out about social pressure on mothers

Actress Mina Suvari, who is now expecting the birth of her first child, actively maintains social networks and shares her thoughts and observations with subscribers. The last topics for her reasoning were such phenomena as social pressure on mothers and self-acceptance.

Meena Suvari
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Your own journey

In October last year, it became known that actress Mina Suvari was expecting her first child. She did not manage to get pregnant right away, but after several years of vain attempts, when the star had almost lost hope. Now she is very happy and calls her unborn child “an absolute miracle”, and also shares her thoughts and experiences during pregnancy with subscribers.

Recently, the American Beauty star posted posts addressing issues such as social pressure on women. The actress laid out the illustration and added a text to it, in which she reminded people that everyone has their own path and cannot interfere with someone else’s life.

“One of the most important things that I have to work with and still seek a lot of comfort and connection with myself is all the noise around me, benevolent or not. We all have our own journey, and we must try to take care of ourselves and allow ourselves to accept it … I wish all future parents peace of mind and courage to follow the path they want, ”- Mina Suvari.

Mina Suvari spoke about public pressure on mothers and quoted the
Photo @menasuvari

And also the star quoted the writer Sarah Gotsdiner, author “Lunar Book” where she also called on women to abstract from any stereotypes imposed from the outside:

Practice accepting yourself. Practice becoming yourself. Practice trusting yourself. There should be no more division of you into parts. Trying to bring everything in line with something is the brainwashing tactic of late capitalism. You are bigger and much deeper than the screen, the field, the brand, the idealistic mythology. “

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Social media problem

Public hate and destructive criticism are a common problem in the 21st century associated with the emergence of social networks. Particularly in this regard, public figures suffer, whose life is constantly under the scrutiny of thousands and thousands of fans who can discuss and condemn every step of the star.

Celebrities who have become mothers are no exception: they are often subjected to a sea of ​​criticism and accusations of the “wrong” parenting. Not so long ago, an actress got into such a situation Anna Khilkevich, which called for abandoning gender stereotypes and allowing boys to show the full range of emotions.

Anna Khilkevich spoke out against gender stereotypes in raising children, which caused a resonance among subscribers

The reaction from fans was rather aggressive criticism. Also, subscribers often criticize the methods of education of Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie, Naomi Watts, Heidi Klum, Anastasia Reshetova and Anna Sedokova. However, not all stars are silent, many, for example, Anastasia Reshetova, prefer to answer the haters.

“I have long developed an immunity to attacks by notorious Internet trolls. Almost nothing bothers me. But when it comes to my child, completely different feelings play here, ”Anastasia wrote in a post.

Anastasia Reshetova
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