Mint color in clothes – what to combine with and how to wear things in mint shades

what to combine with and how to wear things in mint shadesThe color of mint in a woman’s clothes in summer is more relevant than ever, because it gives the appearance of freshness. With things in mint tones, you can create many looks.

To create a stylish look, you need to know what shades of mint are, with what tones they are combined, and with which they look ridiculous.

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Mint color of clothes – what it is: we decide on a palette of shades

Psychologists say that the mint color has an invigorating effect on a person.

A pleasant fresh shade allows you to visually refresh the image, which makes things of this color indispensable in the wardrobe.

Mint, like any other, comes in many different shades. Each of these shades can be combined in different ways with others in the color palette.

The palette of the main shades of mint color:

A palette of mint shades in clothes

  • Delicate shades of mint – the most tender, and at the same time – the coldest. Clothes of these shades are best worn in late spring and hot summer. These colors look especially nice in combination with white.
  • Grayish mint – one of the dirty shades of mint. Especially popular are mint-gray pants, which are worn under the top of beige shades.
  • Mint – another cool shade. It is also relevant in extreme heat, and is good in combination with light things.
  • Light mint shades – universal shades that will look good in a composition with bright or, on the contrary, calm tones.
  • Mint shades with turquoise – rough shades that can be combined with things in pastel colors. Also, do not forget about white.
  • Mint shades close to green – they look especially fresh and immediately create an invigorating impression. Clothes in mint green are in perfect harmony with things in white, beige, emerald, pastel blue and pastel orange.

The shade must be selected based on the season. In this way, warmer tones are relevant in the winter, and cold, refreshing tones will be as good as ever in warm spring and hot summer.

What to combine with and how to properly wear things in mint shades

What shades mint color is combined with – color rules in clothes

There are many color options that mint goes well with. But there are also its antagonists. Mint is not as versatile as black or white.

When choosing an image, it is important to know the basic rules of color, otherwise there is a risk of looking ridiculous.

Clothes of a mint palette look best with clothes in pastel shades. In particular, it is white tones, pale pink, light purple, pale yellow and orange… Choosing one of the listed shades, you will definitely not go wrong.

A color that should be talked about separately – White… The combination of mint and white items looks especially good, and is very often used in hot weather. This look gives a refreshing look. Among celebrities, a combination of turquoise bottom and white top is popular.

There are also not particularly winning combinations.

Of course, there are exceptions, depending on the tone, but, in general, the following colors do not harmonize with the mint shades at all:

  • Bright red.
  • Hot pink.
  • Brown.

It is worth considering separately black… With some shades of mint, it does not combine at all, but with others it harmonizes perfectly. If you want to create an image from a black and mint palette, then you need to use exclusively light and cold shades of the latter. A combination of black and bright mint colors will look ridiculous.

Although often red and mint things do not go together, you can create an image in which their combination will look good. To do this, the mint shade should be as bright as possible to match the red. And, of course, this image is not suitable for all events.

You also need to be very careful when combining mint with burgundy and similar dark tones. It all depends on how dark the burgundy is. The darker it is, the lighter the mint color item should be.

Another win-win option is a combination of mint things in different shades… For example, a soft mint blouse, close to white, and a mint green skirt, or a bright mint T-shirt – and light mint pants, and so on.

Top 10 Mint Looks – Best Pairings for You

For example, we have selected the 10 best options with which you can wear mint items.

1. One of the most winning looks

How to wear and what to combine with mint-colored clothes

It has all the pieces that fit well: a white T-shirt, a refreshing mint coat, and pastel gray pants.

In this case, the coat can be of different shades of mint, and the image will not get worse from this.

You can also replace the pants with light blue jeans.

2. Another bow with a white accent

The most fashionable images with things in mint shades

It is worth noting the original sleeves and a blue check collar. Although this combination is unusual, it looks very stylish.

A mint sweater can also be paired with white pants.

Please note that the clutch bag is especially important in this look. Without it, the sleeves and collar will not look so stylish. As a last resort, if such an accessory is not available, you can replace the black strap with a blue one. This will give the look a consistent style.

3. A good bow for everyday wear

Clothes in shades of mint color - what to combine with

A light shade of mint looks great under light jeans, dark pants would not look so organic. Also, a white T-shirt adds freshness to the look.

For more convenience, you can replace the heeled shoes with any other shoe. But, in this case, the bag will have to be replaced. This is due to the fact that in this image the bag is matched specifically to the shoes – therefore, if you remove one thing, the image will deteriorate significantly.

4. Business suit in a light mint tone combined with a white top

Business suit in mint color combined with a white top

A fresh summer look, perfect to wear to work or business meetings.

In this look, if necessary, the top can be replaced with a full-fledged T-shirt or white T-shirt. Any footwear will do, from sneakers to high-heeled shoes. Shoes should be either white or of a color similar to the suit.

A bow like this will look good on tanned skin. The image is relevant for girls of all ages.

5. A casual look that can be used for going to work.

Mint color in clothes in combination with white is a win-win option for the summer

A long dress in mint color combined with white heeled shoes looks very harmonious.

The only “but” – it is better to replace the bag with another, lighter shade and close to mint, or white, beige.

A similar dress can be worn with pastel gray, beige and mint shoes. If necessary, shoes can be replaced with other shoes of similar colors.

6. Stylish look, suitable for both everyday wear and business meetings

Mint shades in women's wardrobe

One of the good examples where the composition of black and mint tones looks organic.

Black pants can also be replaced with a black skinny skirt or shorts. A T-shirt is well matched to the jacket – and, in general, the image looks fresh. To change the look, you can replace the dark mint hat with a brown one (for a bag).

You can choose almost any shoes for such a bow, but brown, light mint or white heels are best suited.

Such clothes will look equally good on girls of all ages.

7. Warm spring and autumn look for everyday wear

Mint-colored clothes - how to make up images correctly

The combination of pastel gray and soft mint colors makes the look warm and cozy.

The T-shirt is also well-chosen, but, if necessary, you can replace it with a white one.

Also, the coat will look good under a black pencil skirt or black skinny pants. But at the same time it is necessary to change the gray scarf to the black one, and the bag, respectively, too.

Gray or black boots and high heels work well as footwear.

8. Another light refreshing look

Things in mint shades for summer bows

A well-chosen white skirt lends a business-like appearance. Instead of a top and a skirt, you can also wear a white tight dress up to about the knees, and replace the handbag with a leather, light mint color.

The image itself is light, so it will look great on young tanned girls.

There are many options for choosing shoes. The main thing is that it should be white – or similar to a purse and leather jacket.

9. One example of a combination of things of different mint shades

The combination of things in different shades of mint color

A white tank top and clutch bag add freshness to the look. As shoes, you can use both heeled shoes and shoes without heels, up to sports shoes. Shoes must be white.

10. Business look suitable for girls of all ages

The combination of mint color with blue in clothes

When combining mint and blue in clothes, it is important that the mint is not too light.

This look is a great example of how to pair blue with mint.

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