Moles in the palm of your hand are fateful signs for a person

In my work, I always pay special attention to moles, scars and other marks on my hands. Moles in the palm of your hand have a great impact on a person’s life and destiny.

Moles are a negative and warning sign for a person

In palmistry, moles almost always have a negative meaning. Due to the fact that they themselves are a negative sign.

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For example, a mole on the wrist indicates problems with the genitals, on the outside of the palm – problems with blood circulation and others.

Moles can come and go. If we see a mole on the left hand anywhere, then this fact is a warning, if the mole is on the right hand anywhere, then the event unfolds in the present and you need to pay attention to the events at the moment.

  • Round moles show the good in people.
  • Oval – a modest share of the acquired wealth.
  • Triangular represent both good and bad traits.
  • Light moles are considered the happiest.
  • Black – many difficulties before favorable results are achieved.

A dot or spot should not be confused with a mole. If there is a mole on the palm of your hand, then in no case can it be on any of the lines (there are only dots on the lines), but maybe on one of the hills.

Moles are less common than dots. A mole enhances the qualities of the hill on which it is located. Stains have their effect depending on the color – the darker the stain, the more negative its influence.

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The meaning of moles in certain places of the palm

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  1. A mole on the hill of Jupiter indicates difficulties in family life, material losses are possible.
    2. A mole on the hill of Saturn speaks of difficulties in life in family relationships, and also warns of the danger of fire or electric shock.
  2. A mole on Apollo’s Hill indicates a loss of credibility, and special attention should be paid to the eyes.
  3. A mole on the Hill of Mercury indicates a tendency to theft and deception, as well as a loss of money.
  4. A mole on the Hill of the Moon means a negative influence of the imagination. Possible problems in gynecology.
    6. A mole on the hill of Venus promises misunderstanding with relatives, family.
  5. A spot on the Life line indicates a period of weakened health at the moment where the sign is located, lung problems are possible.
    8. A spot on the Head line indicates a decrease in mental activity, a greater likelihood of head injury.
    9. A spot on the Heart line indicates a weak heart. It can also indicate a person’s depressed state of mind, as well as stress and depression.
    10. A spot on the Apollo line – difficulties in business, problems on the way to creative happiness.
    11. A spot on the line of Destiny portends career failure or material difficulties.
    12. A spot on the line of Mercury indicates the soreness of the body, constant ailments depriving the joy of life. It can also indicate difficulty in expressing yourself.

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Moles indicate a person’s weaknesses and possible dangers that lie in wait on the path of life. Timely appeal to a palmist will help reduce the adverse effects of this sign.

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