Morocco in April – what is good about Morocco in April?

Morocco in April for travelersAre you meeting in Morocco in April? Great choice! This month is ideal for visiting this mysterious and beautiful country, because it is in April that the holiday season begins here, which is an optimal ratio of quality and price. The content of the article:

Brief information about Morocco

You can, of course, just write that Morocco is a country in Africa, but that says little. Much more interesting is that Morocco is washed at the same time by the waters Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea from different sides. With a large number of good resorts with great beaches and historical sites, Morocco’s holidays are unforgettable. Morocco in April - weather

Weather in Morocco in April

By choosing April to travel to Morocco, you are opting for great weather when still no sweltering heat, and the amount of precipitation decreases markedly. This is especially true for the center of the country, where the best time to relax is from October to April, because in summer, the thermometer can go up to +40 degreesMorocco in April - about the weather Regular average daily air temperature in April + 23 + 28 degrees, evening and night + 12 + 14 degrees. The water in the evening will be somewhat cold, which is not very favorable for swimming in the sea or ocean, but even without this you can wonderfully breathe in the fresh sea air and find a lot of wonderful activities in the form of excursions or shopping. In the daytime, the water can warm up to + 18 + 21 degrees. From all this, we can conclude that the weather in April is very favorable. both for visiting local attractions and for a beach holiday

Excursions in Morocco in April

Variety of entertainment in Morocco in April

Unfortunately, there are no interesting festive events in April, but one can mention Marathon Des Sables, which takes place in April. About a thousand “runners” from all over the world take part in this grueling run of almost 250 km. Together with them, almost two hundred reporters and journalists and 300-400 people from support groups are moving across the Sahara. Sometimes it happens that April dates fall religious holidaysthat are constantly changing. In this case, it is easy to get to the ceremonial processions and beautiful ceremonies.

The main types of recreation and entertainment in April include

Rest on the coast.

Morocco has both narrow and wide beaches. This type of recreation is most developed. in the resort of Agadir, along which a very convenient and comfortable beach stretches with many hotels of an excellent level with adequate prices for all the necessary services. This includes not only swimming in the waters of the sea or ocean, but also various horse and camel rides, discos and parties.

Morocco in April for travelers - beaches

Safari by car

It is quite possible to travel around many interesting places with completely different landscapes during one day. These are sandy beaches, and oases in the desert, and mountain landscapes, and reservoirs with a mirror-like surface of water. The ancient Berber settlements with their originality will not be left out. You can choose a safari trip for more than one day with travel through different cities. This route usually follows from Agadir or Marrakesh, crosses Sousse Valleyplantations of oranges, bananas and other types of palms, mountain caves of the Atlas and sand dunes of the Sahara

Excursions in Morocco


Many consider the best place to surf the port of Essaouira, which is located about 170 kilometers from the resort of Agadir. It is here that you can find very high waves with a favorable wind and a huge number of surfers, thanks to which a large surfing center is located nearby.

Morocco in April - beaches and surf


This type of wellness holiday is in good demand in Morocco. Typically, thalassotherapy centers are located directly at the hotels. Most of them will be found in Fez, Agadir and Casablanca

Morocco in April - thalassotherapy


Atlas mountain ranges stretch in a third of the entire territory of Morocco, therefore, skiing in these places is not uncommon. There are even peaks that are covered with snow for months on end. As usual, in April you can still catch the ski season.

Morocco in April - ski holidays


You can visit national mountain reserves with natural attractions such as Tazekka and Toubkal… There are many interesting routes over the Atlas mountains… It will be very exciting to climb a kilometer in Ouarzazate city… Routes via gorges of Dades and Todra

Morocco in April - hiking

Interesting excursion routes in April in Morocco

The most preferred for such tours are “imperial” the cities of Fez, Marrakech, Rabat and Meknes. In Rabat, one must visit Kasbah Udaya castle. Will amaze you with its greatness mausoleum of Muhammad V… The splendor of the Andalusian gardens will be remembered forever. In addition, there are many different cultural and historical museums. Nearby you can find the oldest city of Sale, which is very interesting for Muslim pilgrims.

Holidays in Morocco in April

In the center of Morocco lies a mysterious Marrakesh, the pride of which is the square called Jem el-Fnahome to street musicians and dancers, fire absorbers and predictors of the future. The market diversity of Marrakech will leave no one indifferent. Also worth visiting here:

  • Mosques of Koutoubia and the Golden Apples
  • Residence of the monarch Dar-El-Mahzen
  • Mausoleum of Yusuf bin Tashfin
  • Tomb of the Saadian dynasty
  • Bahia palace

Tomb of the Saadian dynasty:

Vacation in Morocco in April

Fez city is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful in Morocco. You can lose a lot if you do not visit its old quarter with high stone walls and at least 800 mosques. Due to being at the foot of the Atlas, Fez starts daily mountain excursions… Do not disregard:

  • Karaouin University Mosque
  • Mausoleum of Moulay-Idris II
  • Monarch’s palace
  • The great mosque

Holidays in Morocco in April

Mountain excursions are equally popular. Objects to visit include a beautiful large a waterfall called “Lovers’ Bedspread”, the highest mountain peak with an unusual name Toubkal, nomad villages Tiznit and Tafrautwhose inhabitants are still faithful to the customs of their ancestors.

From townships Zagora or Ephrud it is worth taking a trip-excursion on a camel ride through sand dunes and picturesque oases sahara desert, in one of which you can watch a unique sunset, spend the night and meet the sunrise. Such a journey is simply an unforgettable experience.

Not far from Meknes the ancient remains of Roman settlements are located, represented by buildings of the third century AD.

Holidays in Morocco in April

Casablanca will be interesting Hassan II Mosque, which was opened not so long ago – in the 90s of the last century. It is famous for being the second largest among all Muslim mosques in the world, as well as for the fact that people of different faiths are allowed here.

Holidays in Morocco in April

In whatever month tourists come to a wonderful country morocco, its peaceful and cheerful inhabitants will always welcome guests, especially women. But it’s still worth choosing the best time to visit, and April it is exactly that.

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