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The pension legislation has already been reformed several times, so most citizens find it difficult to say what payments they expect. With this article, you can learn how to calculate your pension and recheck your pension fund.

Pension legislation

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The pension is calculated on the basis of six different Federal laws and the Government Decree of October 2, 2014. The documents indicate the length of service and coefficients. The pension is calculated according to a different principle:

  • pilots;
  • military;
  • civil servants;
  • astronauts.

A special order of accrual also applies to their relatives. This rule is regulated by No. 166-FZ.

The pension includes a fixed payment, in 2021 it is 6401 rubles. In the future, the amount will gradually grow.

The most accurate online retirement calculator for women and men

How to calculate your pension

To carry out the calculation, you need to know:

  1. Seniority. It includes not only years of work, but also military service, childcare and other socially significant periods. Now it should be at least 12 years, but from 2024 this figure will increase.
  2. The size of the salary before deducting personal income tax for each year;
  3. Retirement year. This is especially important, since a person who applies later than the due date will receive bonus coefficients;
  4. PKI, formed during the entire seniority of the pensioner.
  5. The current amount of the fixed pension.

This data will be useful for calculating the insurance pension. The cumulative part of payments during the working period is transferred by the employer. However, from 2014 to 2023, a moratorium is in effect: none of the Russians are postponing the funded pension, all funds deducted from wages are transferred to the state, which pays them as insurance to current pensioners. The accumulated part is only for those who worked before 2014. These funds remained in the account.

How to calculate your pension for a woman

In 2021, women will retire who:

  1. Born no later than the first half of 1965, that is, they reached 56.5 years.
  2. Have worked for at least 12 years. The years spent for obtaining higher or vocational education, as well as the period of caring for children, are added to the work experience. The last 70 months of pregnancy and the first 3 years of the child’s life are taken into account, but this allowance cannot exceed 9 years in total. Documents confirming these circumstances must be submitted to the PF.
  3. We have gained the required number of pension points. They need to be rechecked, as the information provided in an individual personal account may not correspond to reality.

Further in the article the following abbreviations will be used:

  • PF – pension fund;
  • PB – retirement points;
  • Salary – the average Russian salary for a given period;
  • ZR is the average monthly salary of a pensioner;
  • KSZP – the ratio of the salary to the salary, that is, the coefficient of the salary (it should not exceed 1.2 and it is undesirable if it is below 0.7);
  • RP – calculation of retirement pension;
  • SK is the length of service;
  • PC – pension capital;
  • T is labor pension;
  • Warhead – the base part of the T;
  • SCh – the insurance share of the pension.

To calculate the RR, any consecutive worked 60 months is chosen. Testimony is not taken into account, only the documents that the employer sent to the municipal authority are important. The RFP is published on the official website of the PF.

Suppose Olga Pavlovna earned from 30 to 100 rubles every month. Summing up all the earnings for a random 60 months, she got the figure 4321. Then, to calculate the ZR, it is necessary to calculate “4321/60”. We learn that ZR = 72.017.

Then Olga looks at what the salary was in the same 60 months. It turned out that the Russians received an average of 80 rubles (a similar calculation). It remains for Olga to divide 72.017 by 80 and find out that her KSZP is 0.9.

Next, the seniority coefficient is calculated. If a woman has worked for more than 20 years, it is equal to 0.55, and each additional year adds another 0.01 to it (but not more than 0.2 in total).

Subsequent steps (formulas) that must be consistently performed (calculated):

  1. RP = SK * ZR / ZP * SZP;
  2. PC = (RP – warhead) * T;
  3. If a woman has worked for less than 20 years, then: PC = ((RP – BC) * T) * total experience / 20;
  4. Consider valorization;
  5. Recalculate the period from the beginning of 2001 to the end of 2014 (this experience does not affect the pension, the information is posted in the personal account on the PF website);
  6. PB = MF / SB;
  7. Please note that since 2015, contributions have been accrued as points.

If the received amount seems inaccurate, the pensioner has the right to receive information about the calculation.

How to calculate your pension for a man

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The calculation for a man is made according to similar formulas. However, it must be taken into account that:

  1. Russian men retire at 61.5 years.
  2. The minimum length of service is also 12 years, to which you can add the length of service in the army, education, etc.
  3. The minimum number of retirement points is 21.

Documents confirming military service and other circumstances must be brought to the Pension Fund.

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