Most talked about images of the 2020 Golden Globes

The 77th Golden Globe Awards took place in Los Angeles on January 5. It is also called the Oscar rehearsal, as the winners are chosen by journalists who are members of the Hollywood International Press Association. Those present remembered the bright presentation of sparkling figurines worth $ 800 and weighing 3.5 kg.

2020 Golden Globes Outfits

The award for Best Actor was taken by Hokian Phoenix and Taron Egerton, and the award for the female was taken by Renee Zellweger and Aquafina. The main films of the year were Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, 1917, Chernobyl, The Heirs and The Joker. As usual, the award for the best screenplay went to Quentin Tarantino. Nevertheless, the fashion world had its own nominees for the title of “Style Icons”.

2020 Golden Globe Awards Outfits1

Bright stars of Hollywood

This year, Jennifer Lopez did not qualify and did not even make it into the top ten red carpet looks. She was replaced by the gorgeous Zoe Deutsch in a bright yellow Fendi saffron dress. Extremely plunging neckline and voluminous cuff sleeves complement each other wonderfully. Ageless Nicole Kidman struck the star audience with a fiery scarlet dress to the floor.

2020 Golden Globes Outfits2

In an expensive outfit from Versace, everything was appropriate:

  • long train;
  • diagonal pleats at the waist;
  • lapel along the bustier line;
  • high cut.

2020 Golden Globe Awards Outfits3

Another goddess of the Golden Globe Award is the Indian beauty Priyanka Chopra. The delicate pink look of the actress was in perfect harmony with the ruffles and lowered shoulders of the outfit. At the same time, Sofia Vergara effectively stepped onto the crimson path. A mermaid-style dress with a balconette bodice amazed with its embossed decor. From the outside, it seemed as if the artist emphasized the most piquant areas of the fashionista with thin brush lines.

2020 Golden Globe Awards Outfits4

Important! Kat Graham appeared in public in a cool fiery red dress with an open bodice. A long train of a fluffy skirt constantly tried to get ahead of its owner, which made her gait pomp.

2020 Golden Globe Outfits5

Golden Globe 2020 in black and white

One of the best celebrity looks was the bow of Zoe Kravitz. The American singer and model chose an ensemble from the collection of Mr. Yves Saint Laurent for this event. The set consisted of a blouse with lowered shoulders and a straight maxi-length skirt. The polka-dot print, presented in different interpretations, gave a special chic to the image. The ruches brought their major notes to the evening outfit. At the same time, everyone was struck by Margot Robbie with an exquisite outfit from Chanel.

2020 Golden Globe Outfits6

They made her a goddess:

  • top-balconette with sparkling ornaments;
  • pearl maxi skirt;
  • welt pockets in the product.

2020 Golden Globe Outfits7

Important! Gillian Anderson conquered the “ruby catwalk” with a laconic diamond-colored dress. An unusual bolero, turning into an outfit, gave the outfit a special pomp.

2020 Golden Globes Outfits8

Several actresses have appeared on the red carpet in the style of “Lady Black”. Sexy Jennifer Aniston chained the camera lenses to her with an empire dress in a resinous shade from Dior. The zest in it was the edging made in the form of a ruffle. Another queen in black was Annabelle Wallis. The fluffy skirt of the actress created the appearance of a curtain, but it looked like a royal majesty. Many were struck by the outfit of top model Winnie Harlow.

The dress of the extravagant beauty stood out:

  • sparkling fringe;
  • underwear style;
  • deep neckline;
  • spicy cut.

Important! Rachel Weisz arrived at the Golden Globe Awards in a velvet dress from Chanel Production. The designer of the fashion brand has successfully complemented the modest product of the column style with contrasting piping on the bodice.

2020 Golden Globes Outfits9
Star ladies combined such luxurious outfits with sandals or high-heeled shoes. In addition, elite fashionistas introduced earrings and necklaces decorated with large diamonds into their looks. At the same time, celebrities did not bother with their hairstyles, but simply made a hairdryer or a light perm.

Classic blue has already hit the red carpet

Among the celebrities were women of fashion who quickly adapt to the spontaneous whims of fashion. Moreover, the age of these style icons amazed many fashionistas. From 72-year-old Glenn Close, few expected such a fashionable look.

The sparkling corduroy perfectly appealed to the design of the outfit:

  • shawl collar;
  • cuffs decorated with stones;
  • pronounced shoulder line;
  • double-breasted cut of the product;
  • pleated skirt.

2020 Golden Globe Award Outfits11

Mrs. Glenn dared to complement her look with a blue velor clutch with a metal frame. So the lady of honor observed all the norms of the monochrome style. The elongated earrings were extremely impressed by the short haircut of the actress. The young actress Ana de Armas decided to compete with Mrs. Close. Her appearance on the red carpet was considered one of the most striking. The sparkling dress from Ralph & Russo was embellished with thousands of sequins.

Unusual dress was given by:

  • lapel on the top;
  • design in the style of Cinderella;
  • welt pockets.

2020 Golden Globe Awards Outfits12

Important! To continue the look of the American Cinderella, Ana risked red lipstick, a necklace from Tiffany & Co, and a regular hairdo with a center parting. She relied on the brilliant effect of the outfit. The diamonds around Armas’ neck were just the logical end of the bow.

These stellar aufits were named the best at the Golden Globe Awards. Nevertheless, some actresses brought a fly in the ointment to this grand celebration, wearing ugly outfits. However, that’s another story.

What dress would you choose if you came to this event?

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