motanka – amulet of love: how to do it yourself

Motanka doll - amulet of love: how to do it yourselfPsychologist, specialist in MAC counseling Galina Smetanyuk told our publication about how reeled dolls can change a woman’s life.

– Galina, tell us how the first dolls appeared in your life: was it a hobby, or right away – a working direction?

– If you add up all the books written about love, then the latter, for sure, will be able to touch the moon. Love is so important in the life of mankind. Women at all times wanted to love and be loved.

And our ancestors in every way tried to get this love and rituals, and conspiracies and offerings to the gods. Despite different countries, continents, beliefs, there were rituals and actions with the same goal: to catch the bird Love and tame it.

Now is the 21st century, and we are already sensible about such things, but in the centuries there is a lot of wisdom. And one of such wisdom in Russia was the spinning of reeled dolls. And every girl, girl, woman knew which doll to wind up for every occasion. If you want to get married – please, improve family relations – and yes.

Now the echoes of this remain in every girl. Give the baby a doll, and she will swaddle her, feed her, pamper her, put her to bed.

Like any girl, as a child I made dolls, sewed clothes for them. With age, this hobby grew into folk dolls. Serious life questions led me to psychology – and, studying the methods used, I did not want to believe that all this is so difficult, long, and all through pain. There must be another way! And there is such a method, a gentle and very effective method – puppet therapy. This is where my knowledge of the folk doll, its symbolism and its purpose came in handy.

Motanka doll - amulet of love: how to do it yourself

– Tell us more about the dolls. What is the history of this method?

– The method of puppet therapy is used in different areas of psychology. Back in 1926, Welsh-based neuropathologist Malcolm Wright used puppetry and puppetry to relieve neuroses in children. And in 1940, Jacob Levi Moreno founded the Institute of Sociometry and Psychodrama in the USA.

Puppet therapy is practiced in many countries: Germany, England, the Netherlands, France.

Puppet therapy allows the most natural and painless intervention in the human psyche for the purpose of its correction or psychoprophylaxis. This method carefully helps to survive and eliminate painful experiences, improve relationships with the world, understand and develop the qualities you need, resolve conflicts within yourself and with the world around you.

– Life stories or examples of clients who were helped by the dolls, what the clients felt – a few impressions of people.

– Since I work more with women in the post-Soviet space, it is working with a folk doll that gives a good result.

Coming to me with a serious question and starting to make a doll, a woman relaxes, and the process of creating a doll resembles meditation – a woman carefully plunges into herself, listens to her inner world and transfers a part of herself to the doll. After some time, – without even noticing and not understanding how – the woman sees that the issue or situation begins to be resolved in the best way. And thanks to the doll, more than one of my clients got married, established relationships in the family, found mutual understanding with her husband and children, understood what it means to treat herself with love.

By spinning the doll, a woman creates her ideal image and works out her inner world. It is not enough to want, you also need to correspond to what you want. The doll gives a sign that it is necessary to modify, to liven up, to complete.

Having received such reviews after a while, I understand why I am in this profession, and why I put my soul into it.


“There were many grooms, but all were not the same, there was no love for anyone, I myself did not understand what I wanted and what kind of husband was the best for me. Of course, like everyone else, I wanted to be handsome, wealthy, intelligent, caring. And only after working with you and making a doll, as if I saw a portrait of him. I realized that I’m not a party girl and I want a lot of children, and I want a quiet vacation in the mountains with my whole family, but I looked at men completely different from those, and I didn’t have a long relationship with them. You asked the questions so correctly that when we made a doll with you “for marriage”, for all its collars, I was able to formulate all this for myself and name the qualities that were really important to me. Andrei appeared somehow imperceptibly, and he is exactly my person with similar views on the world and family. Well, we’ll have a wedding soon. Thank you!”

– What dolls are there, and which are the most popular?

– What kind of dolls are most in demand among our women, with what questions do they come to me? Of course, love, in the narrow and its broad sense.

Dolls “Nannyushka”, “Share” and “Will” will help in finding oneself and love for oneself, so that the girl grows up inside and knows how to love and accept herself in all her manifestations.

– What is needed to make yourself a doll for love, to attract a loved one into your life?

– Working with “Lovebirds” you can understand and strengthen your relationship with your husband. “Severnaya Bereginya”, or as it was otherwise called “Akan”, will help strengthen love in a family with children.

Well, if they want a betrothed, their soul mate, then we get along and work with “Doll for Marriage.”

It is this doll that I propose to twist today, and while creating it, think about how we see our betrothed.

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Motanka doll - amulet of love: how to do it yourself Motanka doll - amulet of love: how to do it yourself Motanka doll - amulet of love: how to do it yourself

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