Mucous plug in pregnant women – what it looks like and when it leaves

The body of a pregnant woman is peculiar and unique. A large rounded belly with a small man inside leads to a modification of all internal organs, which brings a lot of excitement to the expectant mother. Many fears arise precisely at a later date. Many pregnant women at this time are worried about the mucous plug, which can move away some time before childbirth.

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What is a mucous plug, and how can the norm be distinguished from pathology?

Mucous plug

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What is a mucous plug for and what it looks like – educational program

A cork is a thickened mucus that closes the pharynx of the uterine cavity… And it is located in the neck of this genital organ.

Traffic jam is formed in the first month of pregnancy and protects the fetus from external influences – for example, from getting an infection from the external environment when swimming in a pond or in a bathroom.

Mucous plug

Before childbirth, the cervix begins to open and the smooth muscles expel the mucus. So a woman in labor can notice on her linen a large amount of thick mucus, similar to raw protein, a volume of about 2-3 tablespoons… It can be colorless or streaked with blood. This is normal, because muscle fibers that have not contracted for so long begin to work, and from this the capillaries in the walls of the cervix burst.

But – a large amount of blood should alertbecause profuse bleeding is a sign indicating placental abruption. And this is an indication for the immediate start of a cesarean section.

The cork can move away like a few hours before giving birth, or two weeks until the moment of X. But gynecologists consider it normal if the plug leaves no earlier than 38 weeks. In any case, the woman needs to notify the doctor about what happened, and, possibly, after the examination, the pregnant woman will be sent to the prenatal department to prepare for childbirth. Or maybe she will return home to rest and gain strength, because she will not have to give birth today.

When leaving the cork looks like thick slime… Many people describe it as snot, jelly, a substance similar to a jellyfish, or just a piece of mucus.

Mucous plug

Most often, the cork comes off after stimulation of the cervix on a gynecological chair, when taking a shower or when using the morning toilet.

By the way, she can leave not all instantly, but in pieces and gradually, for some time. Then it becomes unclear where this strange color discharge came from, most likely with blood streaks.

What to look for when the mucous plug comes off?

  • The main thing is not to worry., but be ready to go to the hospital at any time.
  • If the bags have not yet been collected, then you need to collect everything that an expectant mother needs to stay in the hospital.
  • It is important that at this moment there was someone close to the pregnant womanwhom the woman trusts. Because at this moment she needs peace of mind. Emotional forces are still needed in childbirth.
  • Observe hygiene. Change linen more often. Take a warm shower.
  • If you have not given up on intimacy before this period, then after the mucous plug comes off it is refrain from sex.
  • Often the cork comes off aching pains accompany – these are the harbinger fights. They tune the body for future childbirth. It often happens that after a few hours real contractions and childbirth begin.
  • Departure of the plug, as mentioned above, is not a sign that it is time to go to the hospital. During this time, you can take a warm shower.… It was a shower, not a bath. After all, now there is no protective barrier between the environment of the vagina and the uterus, and the possibility of infection of the fetus appears.
  • The absence of a plug does not mean 100% infection. After all, the fetus is still protected by the amniotic sac. But there is danger, and therefore it is not worth the risk.
  • But after the bubble bursts, you will need to immediately go to the hospital. After all, a child can be without water for no more than 12 hours.

Mucous plug

Pay attention – pathology!

  1. One of the pathology options is early passage of the plug, up to 38 weeks… This can be caused by colpitis – harmful microorganisms and bacteria in the vagina. If smear tests reveal this problem, treat the unfavorable flora while there is time.
  2. Another pathology – prolonged bleeding instead of blood streaks in the mucus. This, as previously noted, is a sign of damage to the placenta.
  3. The normal color of the mucous plug are:

    • Transparent
    • Beige
    • Whitish
    • Yellowish
    • Gray brown

    Green color of mucous plug, like amniotic fluid, speaks of oxygen starvation of the fetus. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor.

  4. If the contractions did not start after the plug came off, then there may be another problem – leakage of amniotic fluid. It feels like mild urinary incontinence. The liquid seems to drip from somewhere inside. Moreover, the leakage is constantly increasing with tension in the abdomen, laughter, sneezing and coughing. If a pregnant woman notices such symptoms in herself, then it is imperative to notify her gynecologist. The doctor will use special tests to determine the nature of the leak.

All pregnant women have a mucous plug, but many may not notice its discharge, for example, due to a violation of the integrity of the bladder or the long-term nature of the process. Do not worry if you notice signs of a cork coming off, but you should wait for the upcoming birth.

The website warns: self-medication can harm health – yours and yours! If you find alarming symptoms, be sure to contact a specialist!

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