muzzle – the new fashion trend of 2020

South Korea is famous for its original inventions in the field of the beauty industry. In 2019, 3 months after the start of sales, a strange muzzle mask sold out in the amount of 600,000 copies. Women appreciated the instant results that last up to 12 hours.

Operating principle


The massage mask put on the face resembles a muzzle. The fabric fits snugly around the chin, lower oval, cheekbones and is attached at the back of the head with Velcro.

Cosmetologist A. S. Yarovaya suggests treating the new product as a beauty simulator and saying: “It looks controversial, but the result is worth it.”

A muzzle mask for the face has a compressive effect on delicate skin. Uniform tension:

  • provides intensive blood circulation in tissues;
  • tones and evens out the upper layers of the epidermis;
  • reduces the harmful effects of gravity;
  • relaxes facial muscles and normalizes their work;
  • helps the breakdown of body fat;
  • smoothes wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones.

Despite the comical and strange appearance, the muzzle bandage is very useful for people who want to keep the shape of the face.

“This method of lifting is good because no surgical interventions, painful injections, or a recovery period are required,” plastic surgeon Alexander Pukhov comments on the properties of the mask.

How to choose

muzzle mask

Muzzle muzzle strife. A high-quality chin tightening massage mask consists of three layers:

  • synthetic “slimming”;
  • natural “breathing”;
  • cooling (cosmetic impregnation).

The cost of a face bandage from the developer of the first masks starts from 1,000 rubles. There are cheap analogs on Aliexpress and other online platforms. The price is much lower, but there is no guarantee of quality. Cosmetologists recommend using products from trusted manufacturers.

Mode of application

Advertising reviews state that you can wear a facelift mask at any time of the day or night. It’s no surprise that beauty trend victims are muzzled at airports and supermarkets.

In fact, the mask has some contraindications. Cosmetologists advise to refrain from bandaging:

  • if there is inflammation on the skin;
  • with hypertension;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • during physical activity;
  • when staying in a bath or sauna.

In other cases, you can wear a mask. Better to start with 30 minutes a day. Experienced girls say that they wear a bandage all night long.

“You will notice that there are fewer wrinkles, that the oval of the face has also been corrected, and also that the skin has become more elastic and beautiful,” says cosmetologist A. Eliseeva.

After the procedure, the skin must be thoroughly washed and toned. An anti-aging cream with a firming effect will help to consolidate the result.

A muzzle mask for chin lifting is more affordable and cheaper than injection therapy. Any woman can afford to buy and try the miracle of Korean cosmetology.

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