Mycoplasmosis during pregnancy – is it necessary to treat it, is it dangerous?

Mycoplasma during pregnancyThose diseases that are usually not dangerous and easily curable during pregnancy can threaten both the health of the woman and her unborn baby. It is to such infections that mycoplasmosis belongs, also known as mycoplasma.

Mycoplasmosis was discovered during pregnancy – what to do?

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Mycoplasmosis was found during pregnancy – what to do?

Why is mycoplasma dangerous for men and women?During pregnancy, mycoplasmosis is detected twice as oftenthan without it. And this makes many experts think about this problem. Some doctors believe this is due to hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and the state of the immune system.

There is no unequivocal answer to the question “How badly do mycoplasmas affect the body of the mother and fetus?” In most European and American countries, mycoplasma is referred to as to opportunistic organism, and consider it a normal component of the vaginal microflora. Accordingly, their pregnant women do not undergo a mandatory examination for this type of infection and do not treat it.

In our country, doctors attribute mycoplasma more to a pathogenic organism, and strongly recommend that expectant mothers go through examination for latent infections, and if they are identified, undergo appropriate treatment. This can be explained by the fact that mycoplasmosis is quite rare as an independent disease.

In a company with him, they can also reveal ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, herpes – infections that cause very serious complications during pregnancy.

Possible risks of mycoplasma for a pregnant woman

Why is mycoplasma dangerous for men and women?The main danger of this disease is that it has a hidden, almost asymptomatic developmental period, lasting about three weeks. Therefore, it is quite often found already in a neglected form. And this can lead to fetal fading or premature birth

Cases when mycoplasma does not infect a child are very rare. Of course, the placenta protects the baby from this kind of infections, however, caused by mycoplasmas inflammatory processes are quite dangerous, because from the walls of the vagina and uterus, they can pass to the amniotic membrane. And this is a direct threat of premature birth.

From all of the above, only one conclusion can be drawn: pregnant mycoplasmosis is simply necessary to treat… In this case, not only the expectant mother needs to be treated, but also her partner. Timely diagnosis and treatment of such diseases is the key to the health of the mother and the unborn baby.

Complications of mycoplasmosis

Why is mycoplasma dangerous for men and women?Intrauterine fetal death, pregnancy fading, premature birth – these are the worst complications that mycoplasmosis can cause during pregnancy.

The reason for this is the inflammatory processes provoked by these microorganisms. They can pass from the walls of the vagina to the cervix and amniotic membranes. As a result, the inflamed membranes can rupture and premature birth occurs.

You also need to remember that mycoplasmosis can lead to quite serious postpartum complications… The most dangerous of these is endometritis (inflammation of the uterus), which is accompanied by high fever, pain in the lower abdomen. It is this disease in the old days that had the largest number of deaths.

The effect of mycoplasma on the fetus

Why is mycoplasma dangerous for men and women?Fortunately, these microorganisms in utero, they cannot infect the fetusbecause it is reliably protected by the placenta. However, in medical practice, there have been cases when mycoplasmas affected the embryo – but this is not a rule, but rather an exception.

But this infection, all the same, is a danger to the child, because he can become infected with it during the passage through the birth canal. Most often, girls become infected with mycoplasmosis during labor.

In newborns, mycoplasmas do not affect the genitals, but Airways… These microorganisms penetrate the lungs and bronchi, cause inflammatory processes in the child’s nasopharynx… The degree of development of the disease in a baby directly depends on his immune system. The main task of doctors at this stage is to provide qualified assistance to a child.

It should be noted that not every child can be infected from an infected mother. But this infection can be in the human body for many years, and absolutely nothing itself do not show

All about the treatment of mycoplasmosis during pregnancy

Why is mycoplasma dangerous for men and women?The feasibility of treating mycoplasmosis in pregnant women to this day causes controversy between scientists. Those doctors who consider these microorganisms to be absolutely pathogenic, I strongly recommend that you undergo a therapeutic course with antibiotics, and those who classify mycoplasmas as commensals of the urinary tract do not see the need for this.
To the question “to treat or not to treat»Can be objectively answered only after passing a full examination, passing the necessary tests. This procedure is to find out whether mycoplasmas have a pathological effect on the mother’s body and the fetus.
If you decide to undergo a course of treatment, then remember that the choice of a drug is quite complicated by the structural features of mycoplasmas. They don’t have a cell wall. These microorganisms are sensitive to drugs that inhibit protein synthesis. but tetracycline antibiotics for pregnant women are prohibited… Therefore, in such situations, a ten-day course of treatment is prescribed with the following drugs: erythromycin, azithromycin, clindamycin, rovamycin… In combination with them, it is imperative to take prebiotics, immunomodulators and vitamins. The course of therapy begins only after 12 weeks, since in the first trimester, organs are formed in the fetus and taking any medications is very dangerous.

The cost of drugs

  • Why is mycoplasma dangerous for men and women?Erythromycin – 70-100 rubles;
  • Azithromycin – 60-90 rubles;
  • Clindamycin – 160-170 rubles;
  • Rovamycin – 750-850 rubles.

The website warns: self-medication can only worsen your condition and harm your unborn baby! All the tips presented are for reference, but they should be applied as directed by a doctor!

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